The senior Millennial


A senior Millennial living with his/her daughter/son, hoards the newest technology gadgets without learning to properly use them. The daughter/son offers to teach the senior Millennial how to use the gadgets and when refused, criticizes the Millennial for its ignorance for the new age. The senior Millennial, however, secretly searches helps online on the ‘old web,’ where most responses are from fellow seniors under names of anonymity. Few young generations give their input as part of their community service exercise under full identification.

The characters:

Senior Millennial

Lived in the golden age of technological development. Used to having new releases every week and wanting to buy the newest and the most advanced gadgets. After having kids and having to observe and interact with the young generation on daily basis, realized how far behind the Millennial has fallen and lost confidence in his/her knowledge. The Millennials are in general, open to the new technologies they want to follow it but, they’re methods of viewing and concentrating is inherently different than those of the young generation. Unlike having nostalgia for the analog era and going back to the ‘simple times,’ the Millennials resort to their ‘old web,’ and older devices because, they are unable to utilize the late technology. They feel more comfortable finding tutorials than interacting with the young generation to learn. They look for help on the web but their resources are limited.

Young Generation

The young generation offers help to the senior Millennials through reaching them on the ‘old web.’ Entering the ‘old web’ is like entering the dark side of the internet, not everyone knows how to access it. Some users offer help to the Millennials as a part of the Millennial integration public service program. They reveal their full identities online whereas, the Millennials still stick with the anonymity on the web.


Representation of the ‘old web,’ web feature consistent with the current 2010’s layouts.

Discussion threads on the ‘old web’

Representation of the new technology gadgets and the web the young generation uses.