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VI Update - September 29, 2020


Jag and Josh are working out the logistics of the token swap and ensuring all our holders are able to withdraw from Kucoin. In addition, they are implementing this new sprint and accountability strategy, while working on interviewing and hiring a new head of marketing.

Antek will be working on whatever is needed to fill in the cracks (or fill the foundation) of app development, in addition to interviewing and hiring a new head of video and additional flutter devs.


Andy is juggling QA, prioritization and triage. He is also developing a plan to improve the Vid moderation system, which was originally duct-taped together to address flagrantly inappropriate content — but needs to be much better. Our sincerest apologies to those who’ve borne the pain of a moderated Vid. His work won’t result in any immediate improvements, but watch for them to be passed into the engineering flow in future sprints.

Bec and the marketing team are improving Vid’s core messaging and polishing strategies to launch the next phase of marketing. They are making improvements to the website, including additional pages and new language. The Marketing team is building an on-boarding process for our Creator Program to recruit additional influencers with a small to medium sized follower base, in addition to our influencers with large followings. Also we are recruiting a senior head of marketing to execute the marketing strategies we have been planning and preparing for awhile now, while also building out a full suite marketing team, with a robust strategy. Getting everything organized to launch the full marketing campaign ASAP.


Ben & Rohan are working on improving data quality, so we can improve the user experience overall. This won’t have any immediate payoff for the users, but it’s a long-term project that will make the app immeasurably better.



Daniel and Anon Dev will be focused on finishing automating liquidity providers incentive and Simplex integration, so users can trade VI safely and easily. In addition to improving the explore algorithm so that it is personalized to your interests.

Boris is helping prepare for a move to Spring Boot, so that the app is more scalable. Big things in the future!


Adam, Veljko and Egor are all working on improvements to the app’s video encoding and decoding. This will mean better quality videos, and — along with Medic’s work above — no more black videos (especially when they belong to Jag. Sorry, boss!)

Jakub’s working on the code for a new preview screen, so that we can eliminate tech debt and legacy code.


Stevan and Veljko will be updating the journal UI, a long awaited change. In addition to changing the Vid-featuring flow to be in vibes (instead of VI), which is the final step toward iOS App Store compliance. They’re also completing native iOS video processing, to prevent the desolate, black Vids.


Milica is working with the community to identify and escalate bugs to the correct department, so that the app is in a marketable and scalable position very soon.


Janusz is focused on a major feed change: each Vid will only play for each user once, even if it’s in the Explore feed. He’s also nailing down some bugs, like crashes after viewing profiles of users without Vids, and cleaning up the transition from Following to Explore.

Juan is working on search & discovery bug fixes.


We’re happy to bring even more transparency and clarity to our development process. We’ve been working in sprints like this for awhile now, which has been highly efficient and now we’re looping our community into the process more through VI Updates. The dev team is excited to take more responsibility for a specific department and really polish those features / functionalities / aspects of Vid to get ready for the full launch.

Look out for the next update which will be a weekly summary of what was accomplished. Thanks for following along!



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