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Multi-chain trusted token list✌️

Multi-chain trusted token list

The world does not standstill. Like any project in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is gaining momentum and growing a community.

As any field develops, scammers always appear, in our case, scam projects. So we decided to create our version of the token list to filter out duplicate or scam tokens.

We opened a repository for tokens for 18 networks and immediately filtered tokens that were not added as a minimum in 2 token lists.

Anyone can contribute their token list to us to expand the base of trusted tokens to speed up the work of developers exchanges and prevent embezzlement stories.

By joint efforts with other protocols, we will create several circles of confirming the legitimacy of the token.

Supported blockchains:

  • Ethereum, 1131 tokens
  • Solana, 697 tokens
  • Bsc, 526 tokens
  • Polygon, 330 tokens
  • Heco, 197 tokens
  • Avax, 123 tokens
  • Ftm, 85 tokens
  • Arbitrum, 72 tokens
  • Gnosis, 58 tokens
  • Harmony, 40 tokens
  • Okex, 32 tokens
  • Moonriver, 26 tokens
  • Fuse, 16 tokens
  • Optimism, 15 tokens
  • Celo, 12 tokens
  • Cronos, 10 tokens
  • Telos, 10 tokens
  • Boba, 7 tokens




Via Protocol unites cross-chain protocols and finds the cheapest 1-transaction any-to-any swaps.

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Serafim from Via Protocol

Serafim from Via Protocol

CEO Via.Exchange

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