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WeBill is now Via Protocol ✌🏼

Originally a multi-chain payment and subscription company, Via Protocol evolved into multiple protocols to enable mass adoption of Web3.

Introducing Via liquidity aggregation protocol ✌🏼

Via is an advanced cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol, that unites DEXs and cross-chain protocols and found the cheapest 1-transaction any-to-any swaps.

We aggregate more than 40 DEXs across 13 networks and 9 of the most popular cross-chain bridges to find exchange routes.

You can already execute some of the routes on our dApp and some of them will be available later this quarter.

Cross-chain routes in Via.Exchange

Introducing Via cross-chain NFT sale feature ✌🏼

Being a community member across different ecosystems is a big challenge, especially in the likes of Binance Smart Chain/Ethereum and Solana/Near, where the cross-chain experience sucks.

You must use DEXs and cross-chain bridges daily to purchase gaming tokens and NFTs.

We completely solve the problem. Pay with BNB/ETH/USDC or other tokens and receive NFT on the target chain in 20 seconds.

Games like, NFT Moon, and The Cult DAO use this solution for several months, and their users are satisfied!

Cross-chain NFT sale in

Introducing Via API ✌🏼

Our robust API may be helpful in several types of projects:

  • NFT games and collections can now create a better checkout experience with a customizable UI — no more detailed guides for bridging tokens to your chain.
  • NFT marketplaces can now receive payments in any token and transfer NFTs to the buyer on the NFT’s chain.
  • DeFi wallets can now provide the best cross-chain experience with cheap, truly any-to-any swaps (not just to а stablecoins on the target chain).

✌🏼 We will announce more products soon

Join our Discord server to be a part of our community and be the first to know the news!

Via Protocol unites cross-chain protocols and finds the cheapest 1-transaction any-to-any swaps.

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Serafim from Via Protocol

Serafim from Via Protocol

CEO Via.Exchange

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