Austria: Hallo Hallstatt!!

The Lake Region of Austria stole our hearts and sailed away with them. Far to the west of Vienna and on the road to Salzburg in the northeast, Salzkammergut is the area to visit. With a series of mountains jutting up behind gorgeous lakes, we had a ball driving around the region and stopping to enjoy the views.

Hallstatt is the quintessential lakeside town. With its church practically on the sea foam green-blue water, it’s the perfect postcard of Austria.

Even the swans swimming on the lake added to the heavenly feel of the town.

The mountains provided the best background to capture the beauty of this area. Ash even made me walk the plank to get the best photo. Arghhhhh!!

Then I returned the favor. Heehee!

The fountain at the center of town surrounded by cute little shops reminded me of my cute lil’ Český Krumlov. Hallstatt was just as endearing, and just a bit chillier weather-wise.

To top off our visit to Hallstatt, we celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary. Little did we know we would be on this adventure of marriage and round-the-world travel a couple years ago. We are so lucky to be on this journey together and incredibly grateful for this opportunity. We’re not taking it for granted…

So, we splurge on a waterfront dinner and snagged the best seats in the house overlooking the lake-town. It was picture perfect!

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