Czechia: Cute Lil’ Český Krumlov

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a cute little town called Český Krumlov. It looks like it jumped straight out of a storybook! All eyes lead up to the castle on the hill with the Vlaka River snaking through the town below it.

Every single cobblestone street is adorable and feels like you’re walking back in time through the village in its heyday.

I couldn’t help but sing one of my favorite tunes from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at every turn.

“Little town, it’s a quiet village.
Every day, like the one before.
Little town, full of little people
Waking up to say…
Ahoj. Ahoj. Ahoj, ahoj, ahoj!”

*(ahoj = hello; goodbye in Czech)

The State Castle is enormous as compared to the size of the town. And boy is she a beauty! Our first surprise occurred as we entered the castle doors and noticed some ditches on both sides that would have served as a moat for any other normal castle. But not Český Krumlov Castle! In lieu of water to scare off its enemies, they housed a grizzly bear! He was strutting about his castle quarters, and I had no doubt that he owned the place.

The next surprise were the stunning views from the castle as we walked through its archways.

And, our final destination in the Castle Gardens offered a panoramic view of this fairy tale town.

The restaurant patios along the river offered ample patio seating that we took advantage of over dinner to watch the outdoor activities and enjoy the view. It’s pretty lively along the river with vacationers floating in rafts, canoes, and paddle boats in the sunny summer weather.

And to top off our day of ample waking throughout this quaint little town, I ordered a meal fit for a bear king.

We didn’t want our fairy tale time to come to an end there. But, like all good things, we had to close our chapter there far too soon. Ahoj, Český Krumlov! Until we meet again in our dreams…