Ireland: Riding The Ring of Kerry

Clockwise. Always drive The Ring of Kerry clockwise. Counterclockwise gets you stuck behind tourbuses competing for roadway, parking space, and elbow room at each site. We drove through Kenmare and Sneem, the first two larger cities on the Ring. The road to Caherdaniel was so amazing that we had to stop on the side to photograph the idyllic bay.

Then, we stopped by Derrynane House & Gardens to see a beautiful grassland along a friendly beach.

By far the most majestic site on the Ring of Kerry are the Cliffs of Kerry at Portsmagee. We had the best view from our vantage point atop the Cliffs with the countryside of the city unfolding behind us. I can’t do the landscape justice by describing them, so these pictures should do the work of my words.

If we had to do it all over again, we would have stayed the night in Portsmagee, took the boat out to Skellig Michael for the day, and walked the 600+ steps exploring the monastic ruins. Ash probably would have brought his Light Saber to reenact scenes too, since this site was featured in the final scenes when Rey visits Luke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Next time, young padawan, next time.

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