How to get more out of Black Friday as a webshop

The mayhem of Black Friday will be upon us in a few short weeks, so it is time to start making some preparations and put some thought into Denmark’s biggest shopping day.

I have collated a few tips from a number of customers and other internet shops I have stumbled upon online.

You can see these tips below.

1) Don’t be afraid to send out a lot of e-mails

The first tip comes from, and deals with how you communicate in the run-up to (and on) Black Friday. In my experience, many shops that don’t have experience of Black Friday are often afraid to step on customers’ toes by sending out too many e-mails.

But, especially on special offer days like Black Friday it is important that you don’t get swamped by the countless other e-mails they receive.

Nowadays, most newsletter e-mails are opened on a mobile device.

Therefore, it is important that you send a lot of e-mails. One e-mail a week is nowhere near enough, and on the day, you should send them out as products sell out and new offers come in.

2) Create a Facebook event

The next tip doesn’t even cost anything to execute.

It comes from It is all about the easiest way of reaching your followers on Facebook.

By setting up Black Friday as an event, in the months before the actual day you can ask your followers to follow the event on the events page. This has the advantage that you will find it easier to communicate with them without having to pay for it.

You see, as the arranger of an event, you can write to all participants, unlike with an ordinary Facebook page, where only a small number of followers actually see the things they look up.

3) Optimise to “related searches”

Many of the large webshops already have a dedicated Black Friday page and they are ranked very favourably by the search engines. Therefore, it can be practically impossible for smaller shops to show up on the first pages on Google when people search for “Black Friday”. An example is theBlack Friday page on and likewise on

However, fortunately there is something you can do.

Data shows that a search is carried out approximately 3.4 million times a year in Denmark, and with so many searches, there is also a massive number of related searches which can give you a lot of visitors.

Optimise, for example, a page to:

  • black friday nike air (product)
  • black friday flat screen(category)
  • black friday sony (brand)
  • etc.

This will give you a chance of actually being found, instead of ending of page 20, with a sub-page optimised to “Black Friday” or “Black Friday offer”. If necessary, choose a couple of product groups in which your company is strong and then optimise the Black Friday landing page for these searches.

Here, the competition is much weaker and you therefore have a good chance of achieving a good placing and thus generating some traffic.

You might also consider creating several landing pages for specific product categories. This is something has benefited from, and they have experienced an increase of approximately 20% more traffic compared to previous years since they switched to this strategy.

4) Involve people during the course of the day

There is ample opportunity to involve your customers and your followers during the course

of the day. This can be both on Facebook and via e-mails during the course of the day.

A good example is, which, last year, posted a new

Black Friday offer on Facebook every hour. These offers could be purchased for just one

hour, after which a new offer was posted.

A fun and creative way of creating your own concept for Black Friday and, at the same time.

a good way of engaging your audience.

Last year, ViaBill decided to run a competition with 3 of their shops in which they put 3 different gifts up for grabs. This post resulted in great enthusiasm among ViaBill’s 14,000 followers. Black Friday doesn’t just need to be a day on which your customers give you something, it can also be a day on which you give them something.

Here are a few more creative ideas I stumbled upon:

  • Reduce the price on a small group of items for an hour until the item has sold out
  • Let people decide which products should be reduced (use Facebook polls)
  • Stream live from your packing/freight division a couple of times to show people what is going on
  • Last year, ViaBill held 3 competitions on their Facebook page to involve their followers.

These were their comments.

I hope you have found some good inspiration for the big shopping day. Good luck with the planning!
About the author
Morten Storgaard has been in the digital marketing space since 2007. He is drawing on experience from two e-commerce stores he started, as well as a wide selection of clients such as Salling, Garant and Whiteaway Group.
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