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Instagram was the starting point for BYIC

In 2015, Astrid, a partner in BYIC, started selling a variety of armbands on Instagram. All of a sudden, sales took off and more and more people were asking for her jewelry.

This positive demand resulted in a webshop. The webshop was given the name of BYIC, and together with Martin Windelborg, Astrid started to import clothing as well.

At BYIC, the customers are the number one priority and, here, they consistently go for following the latest trends where their greatest inspiration comes from the urban cityscape and social media. BYIC’s prices are on a par with Bestseller and Sister Points.

Today, you will find an extensive selection of both clothing and jewelry in their webshop. However, it is their biker jackets, body stockings and bomber jackets that are the most popular products with their customers.

BYIC’s mission is: to complete every girl’s wardrobe with their unique selection of both clothes and accessories.

With 27,000 followers on Instagram and 15,000 followers on Facebook, BYIC has built up a loyal and committed army of customers.

Here is a sneak peak of pictures from BYIC’s Instagram Profile.

New scalable platform

At the end of 2017, Martin was looking for a webshop that was able to handle the increased number of sales and also had the potential to make day-to-day operations easier. Martin decided that they would change their shop system to Shopify.

Shopify is a hosted solution with which, as a webshop owner, you needn’t worry about maintenance, updates, downtime and slow loading times.

Consequently, Martin contacted the web agency, Grafikr, who also happens to be certified Shopify experts.

Grafikr took care of the development of the webshop in Shopify and implementing all the necessary functions Martin had asked for, including ViaBill’s PriceTag.

Besides ViaBill’s PriceTag, Grafikr was responsible for the following:

  • Set-up of the menu, including a drop-down menu
  • Design of the new shopping basket
  • Ongoing optimization of the webshop’s conversion
  • Development of a webshop suitable for mobile devices

PriceTag focuses on conversion optimization

BYIC is strongly focused on conversion optimization. Every day and every month they work hard on increasing conversion further through a variety of initiatives. In this regard, they got Grafikr to implement ViaBill’s PriceTag during the unpredictable spring months.

On BYIC’s webshop, you will come across ViaBill’s recognizable blue PriceTag in two places. The first place in which you will encounter ViaBill’s PriceTag is on the product page, and the second place is in the Checkout flow.

The PriceTag on the product page indicates how little the individual product costs per month. The PriceTag in the Checkout flow shows how little the total amount costs per month when the customer pays with ViaBill.

The PriceTag on the product page attracts the so-called “snoopers”. Snoopers are those visitors who simply click from page to page and never end up placing an order because they don’t have the money “here and now” or because they think that the full amount for the item is too high.

Snoopers can also be those types who don’t dare purchase the product because they feel unsure of the color or the size. But, when they purchase with ViaBill, they always have the opportunity to see and try the item first and pay later.

ViaBill’s payment method is an obvious opportunity for niche fashion brands because their customers often order 2–3 items at a time to try them out and keep the items they are happy with and send the rest back to the webshop. ASOS does very well in this scheme.

The blue PriceTag from ViaBill appears before the full price. That way, the customer can always see the difference in the price between paying upfront and paying later with ViaBill.

The PriceTag at the checkout section indicates how small the total amount is every month. The PriceTag, which the customer finds at the Checkout, helps increase sales as the customer realizes how little they have to pay for all their items because they are splitting their repayments.

Currently, more than 3,500 webshops, who have ViaBill on their webshop and 200,000 users have an associated ViaBill account.

If you are interested in learning more about the collaboration with BYIC, you can contact Erik Holflod at or Søren Thomsen at

Visit our website here.

We want to help you to make online shopping easy and flexible for your customers. And we want to give you specific advice on how to choose the most important things to focus on at your website.”


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We want to make online shopping as easy and transparent as possible for you and your customers.

We want to help you to make online shopping easy and flexible for your customers. And we want to give you specific advice on how to choose the most important things to focus on at your website.”

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