Viarium — a VR based space led by its community

Very soon, Viarium users will be able to do something that seems impossible today: explore and even create their own virtual worlds for any purposes they might have, including buying and selling goods. What is our concept and how are we going to carry this out, you might ask? Well, let’s find out!

There are no limits on what you can build with Viarium

What is Viarium?

The platform aims to design a VR based space with unlimited opportunities for business and entertainment. There are a lot of options for you to explore and even create your own piece of land. Here, entrepreneurs can build virtual galleries, shops or any other facilities to showcase their projects from a new perspective. While customers can attend a concert, go to a casino, walk around a neighbourhood, test-drive a car or visit an exhibition all within a 360 degree virtual Universe.

There are no geographic or custom boundaries. With its concept of a new reality in a free jurisdiction, Viarium has no limits to what you can build.

Which Industries Are We Going to Transform?

Viarium develops innovative solutions for retail, e-commerce, art, real estate and many other industries so anyone could showcase or sell their products made in the real world within the platform.

Why Do We Use Blockchain?

We at Viarium take data security very seriously, that’s why the blockchain technology was applied. Also, it allows us to prove ownership of digital assets within the platform: lands, sale areas and VR worlds.

VRX Tokens

Tokens on the platform are used to acquire land and/or pay for services within it. The number of tokens is limited, while the number of worlds you can build within Viarium is not. As a result, it will lead to a shortage of VRX tokens and ensure its high demand.

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