Berlin Calling! We’re answering with The Ultimate Nightlife Guide

Matej Gregorčič
Aug 22 · 3 min read

We have introduced the Tonight app to Slovenia, where it reached #1 on App Store and Google Play in the first 24 hours. Now, 50,000 users and hundreds of positive reviews later, it’s time to reach for the stars. First stop: Berlin.

Last year we visited the European party capitals — Berlin, London, and Amsterdam. We collected first-hand feedback from partygoers and learned they crave an event-discovery app that matches their taste in music. After the release in Slovenia, we are taking the Tonight app to Berlin. With more than 6,500 events and more than 700 venues it’s ready to hit the streets, clubs, and warehouses of this techno mecca. Berlin is also a city that nurtures almost every single music subculture. That’s what we had in mind when including 18 genres along with subgenres in the app.

First we take Slovenia, then we take Berlin

The Tonight app has 50,000 users who are interested in events of all genres.

The best way to create your perfect night out

The app caters to your taste in music and suggests a list of events that is exactly your cup of tea — or shot of tequila — we won’t judge.

In the “For you” section you can find recommended events selected especially for you based on your preferences. It’s best to let music speak for itself — simply check if events are right for you by listening to music samples.

The app is all about creating the perfect night out. With the “Hotspot Map” you can locate the venues around you and catch any party happening right now.

All events. One app.

Select your favorite genres and find the events perfectly matching your taste in music.
Use the “Hotspot Map” and catch the right parties around you.
See all the hottest artists performing in town.
Get notified when your favorite artists come to town.

Berlin is only the beginning. Other European cities — stay posted. We welcome feedback and are happy to lend a hand to venue owners. Our doors are open — feel free to hit us up!

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

Matej Gregorčič

Written by

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

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