How are we different?

Vasja Veber
Jul 28, 2017 · Unlisted

The most common question we’ve been getting lately is “How are you different from Musiconomi, Voise, Opus and other blockchain-based music startups?” (If you’re not familiar with any of the above, go ahead and read this sweet review from Crowd Conscious.)

It’s quite simple. The only thing we have in common is that we all try to solve problems today’s musicians are encountering on a daily basis.

Our co-founder UMEK playing at EDC Las Vegas

The main difference is that those services operate in the recorded music segment, whereas Viberate focuses on the live segment.

We are not interested in the world of recorded music, royalties and copyright. It’s an interesting field and in definite need for help and we hope that our fellow founders in Musiconomi, Voise, Opus and others will give the massive recorded music market a much needed kick in the butt and let musicians make money again by producing good music.

What we are interested at is giving musicians an opportunity to charge for their gigs in cryptocurrencies. We want to do for music what Airbnb did for tourism.

Need an even clearer explanation? Let me give you an example. Let’s say Sally is a great guitar player and a songwriter. She wants to make an extra buck by having her own songs played on the radio and by playing live on weekends in local pubs and clubs.

  • If she wants to earn royalties for her new track “Why don’t you love me anymore?”, she goes to one of the aforementioned services.
  • If she wants to look for pubs to book her and charge in VIBs for her performance fee, she goes to Viberate.

If you have any additional questions, join our Slack channel or visit our ANN thread on Bitcointalk.

And set your calendar to the 5th of September! More information about the token crowdsale at

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Vasja Veber

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Co-founder and COO

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

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