I hereby dub thee… Scientist!

Arise, music legend.

We’ve been hinting at this one for some time now and we’re super thrilled to say it’s finally happening. Our rewarding system has just been upgraded with some sick features, and, we have to say: they’re …

… A total game-changer!

To start at the beginning, your contributions are first evaluated on the basis of the type of entry you make. Adding an artist or venue gets you 3 points, while adding an event brings you 2 and suggesting changes is rewarded with 1 point.

But your reward also depends on the number and accuracy of your contributions. Want to earn more? Time to step up your game and advance to a higher rank! That’s right, we’ve got ranks for you to rise to! 3 of them, to be exact. All of which come with some really sweet titles you can even add to your LinkedIn profile. Work is work, don’t you think? And yours is pretty important. Measurable, too (yup, we’ve got a meter! 📈).

Roll up your sleeves

To keep things fair, all contributors start out at level 1, as — ta-daa! 🎉 — Music Analysts. Make fine contributions that are both numerous & on point and you’ll be promoted to a Music Specialist in no time. All you have to do is reach 1.5k points & make contributions with an accuracy of at least 80%. Easy. And it pays off, too, as this rank brings 1.5x better earnings for every single entry that gets approved. Keep up the good work (we’re talking 4.5k points) & boost the number of accurate entries (we’re back to 80%+) and you’ll quickly grow to be a Music Scientist. If you make it that far, well, hats off to you, you’re a true data superstar! 🌟 Your earnings will be 2.5x higher compared to those of a Music Analyst.

These kick-ass features come into effect on July 23, so worry not, you still have plenty of time to check out the mechanics & get ready for show time. For a full breakdown of your activities and rewards, check the Participation tab in your Viberate profile.

Ready to get that Scientist title? Go on & get cracking. You got this! 💪