We Took Viberate 3.0 Around the World

Manca Šalehar
Nov 15, 2019 · 5 min read

October was busy and we collected a decent amount of air miles. A tour of all of the most important highlights includes TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, the official launch of Viberate 3.0, enriching our new platform with editorial content, and being part of the buzz at Hard Fork Summit in Amsterdam. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

We brought good vibes to San Francisco

  • 9 members of the Viberate team,
  • 150 brochures and 300 business cards handed out,
  • and at least 200 pitches of Viberate.

…are just a few of our TechCrunch Disrupt stats. No flowers in our hair, just a 65-inch TV we bought to play our showcase loop and later sold on Craigslist (which actually saved us at least $1,000). We received great responses, and people were especially interested in our API. You’ll find all the information and highlights here.

Viberate 3.0 arrived

With the tech revolution, the doors are open wide for anybody who wants to create music and share it with the world. Fun fact: 40,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day, and that’s just one of the channels available! The field is full of up-and-coming artists, so relying on music skills and intuition just isn’t enough. Artists have to learn how to promote their music, pitch gigs, and introduce themselves to the people who matter at all times. This gets easier with Viberate.com — the largest resource of reliable information for the music industry.

“We gathered the relevant data that would otherwise be scattered all over the internet in one place. Artists get their own digital ID with rich up-to-date content and use it as one-pager they can send to promoters, talent buyers and A&Rs. By now, we have over 460k artists’ profiles in our database,” says Matej Gregorcic, the CEO of Viberate.

Complex, one of the leading media in the music industry, sums up the benefits for the artists perfectly:

And this is how MixMag, one of the world’s most influential media for electronic music, sees it:

The platform also addresses another big issue — not getting enough gigs. With over 130k venues in our database, it’s not hard to find new ones to expand your options, and it’s easy to filter them by capacity and most frequently booked genre.

That’s not all. The platform also provides benefits to music professionals, who can now save a good amount of time they would otherwise have spent checking inspiring artists and doing their due diligence. And for true music fans, it’s the perfect playground, as they can follow their favorite artists, discover new music, make their ultimate festival bucket list, and be rewarded for their knowledge. More on that soon!

Check out the Music Network feature:

Music Network is a novelty in the music industry. It shows who follows whom on social media — rated by the popularity of the artists. For the artists, being followed by their peers is a badge of honor, as it reflects respect. You might also find a few unusual suspects or even anticipate future collabs.

And the results?

Since the official launch of Viberate 3.0:

  • registrations on the platform have increased by 5 times,
  • claims of artists’ IDs have more than tripled,
  • voting for genres has increased by 30 %,
  • and the number of fans who have shared their music knowledge and contributed to the platform at least once has tripled.

We explore music trends with our editorial content

Why did the career of an artist explode? Which are the hottest acts in Brazil? Who rules SoundCloud, and which genre is the most popular on YouTube? Which genres are on the rise at festivals all over the world?

We’ve got the answers. Our database includes more than 1M profiles of artists, venues, events, and festivals. Interesting stories write themselves when we connect the data points and put them in context, and we can now invite you into the wonderful world of music data we enjoy every day. Beneath the IDs of artists, venues, and festivals on Viberate.com, you can access articles that explore all things music, give useful information, share insights, and reveal trends — all for free.

Here are a few:

Overheard in Amsterdam: “With Viberate, the future of music looks bright!”

Some of the blockchain solutions could completely change the way we think and work — for the better. The more we talk about it, the more people will understand the benefits of this technology. Events such as Hard Fork Summit in Amsterdam help shine a light on it, with this year’s topic being the new era of blockchain.

Of course, our field of interest is the music industry, along with using technology to lend a hand to the artists. Since we’re already working on several blockchain solutions that will be implemented on our platform, we’re honored that Tanja Bivic Plankar, the president of Blockchain Alliance Europe, presented our vision to all the visitors of the FutureMusic event.

Tanja Bivic Plankar, the president of Blockchain Alliance Europe, shared our vision with the visitors of FutureMusic event at Hard Fork Summit in Amsterdam.

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Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

Manca Šalehar

Written by

Music Data Storyteller at Viberate

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

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