Things just got more personal

When we started to work on our music database the word BIG DATA was just that — a word. Fast forward a few years and we’re one of the leading companies on the big data field, doing unimaginable things. February was just one of those unimaginable months, where even we were shocked at all the new possibilities in which our data could be used. Let us take you behind the scenes of what happened.

We partnered with US #1 awards for electronic music

A few months ago we partnered with the organizers of the most important annual gathering for electronic music stakeholders — Winter Music Conference. Apart from being the most important music business spot during Ultra Music Festival, WMC has a long tradition of connecting the electronic music community.

And while the biggest players share their industry insights and talk about music trends, Winter Music Conference is also crucial for its long lasting tradition of International Dance Music Awards, which will be held in Miami on March 25th-28th.

This year the organizer has implemented a number of changes to the award selection process. And that is where we pitched in to help. We partnered with them as a Data Partner to bring a level of credibility to the awards the industry hasn’t seen before. We dug deep into the numbers and after months of the research, we crafted the analysis of electronic music and uncovered 80 of the hottest female and male artists on the electronic scene. To see our metrics come to life for the #1 US awards for electronic music is something we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. This is for sure the best possible way of seeing how powerful our data is.

Besides that, we are working day and night on a keynote named Data Solutions that will be held at WMC on Wednesday, March 27th, where our COO Vasja Veber will reveal all the predictions for the electronic music, highlight the breakout artists of last year and illustrated how genres are changing over the years. The day before, on Tuesday, March 26th he will meet up with Viberate˙s blockchain advisor and Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem to explain how Blockchain will influence the music business and showcase the benefits of decentralized transactions.

The solution every Telecom wants

While a part of our team is getting ready for WMC, some just got back from the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry — Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. When we say the largest we actually mean it — it’s so enormous we got lost 29 times. But that does not mean we did not get the opportunity to meet amazing people from the biggest mobile brands. After discussing with so many of them one thing became clear: big brands are losing the connection to a younger generation and they are struggling to survive in the digital era. When we shared the story about how Tonight app successfully connected with the young and outgoing society, they were amazed. They immediately saw the Tonight app as one of a kind opportunity to inspire and to get noticed by the youngest generation.

“There is nothing going on tonight” days are over. Forever!

But there is something else we would like to reveal about Tonight app. Just a few days ago Tonight got a whole more personal. From now on, there is a special place just FOR YOU! The events you will find there are the ones exactly matching your music taste. Our smart algorithm will improve the list with new interesting artists and events every time you use Tonight. What we’re trying to say here is: Tonight will become your favorite new toy for discovering new artists — it’s just a matter of time.

Let’s get back to work. See you next month!

Viberate Team