Viberate 3.0 Empowering Artists to Break Through

Matej Gregorčič
Oct 17, 2019 · 4 min read

Social media and streaming services gave wings to the music revolution. Tech improvement created countless opportunities for artists to connect with their audience. As a result, the music business started booming. It’s never been easier to make music and share it with the world — no matter where you’re from. Set up a simple home studio, make a video or two, put them on YouTube, release the songs online, ‘gram or it didn’t happen, and get ready to be recognized on the streets.

But is it really that easy? 40.000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day and that’s just one channel. Relying on your music skills and intuition simply isn’t enough anymore. Artists now have to learn how to promote their music, pitch gigs, and introduce themselves to the people who matter.

That Was Our Cue

With today’s technology, we could argue that artists can find all the information needed to succeed online. But the data generated by the boom is scattered all over the web, which means we’re losing vast amounts of knowledge. Fixing that alone would unlock millions of opportunities for artists to grow their careers.

Viberate 3.0 Is Born

“There was no service that would collect and share up-to-date information about artists, events, and venues, so we created one. Viberate is the global music network that gives every artist the opportunity to track performance, showcase his or her work, and explore immense new business opportunities.” UMEK, #1 Techno producer and co-founder of Viberate.

We built the largest resource of reliable information for the music industry. Now artists get their own digital ID with rich up-to-date content. But there’s much more to it.

The Platform Changes the Game in 3 Ways

  1. Forget the one-pager
Your up-to-date, ready-to-share Viberate profile will save you a lot of time.

Creating a good one-pager takes time. But even the best ones are always outdated by definition. Instead of constantly updating their one-pager, artists can now send their up-to-date Viberate profile to promoters, talent buyers and A&Rs. Their profile includes everything there is to know:

  • the hottest work they have put out lately

Let’s stop at the last one. Music Network is a feature that has never before existed in the music industry. It allows artists to see who follows them — rated by popularity. Being followed by another artist is a badge of honor and can, equally importantly, boost one’s career. A strong following is a sign that music professionals are looking for as proof that you’re respected by your peers. It can significantly increase the odds of getting the job, and with your Viberate profile, it’s easy to share it.

Discover who’s following you by using the “Music Network” feature on

Combining all of the above into the Viberate profile, we haven’t just replaced one-pagers, but taken the whole artist presentation thing to a whole new level — free of charge.

Check your profile and claim it here:

2. Get gigs in front of new crowds

One of the key struggles we heard artists complain about is not getting enough gigs. There are two solutions to that problem: keep calling the same venues over and over again, or expand your horizons. Yes, the second one might be out of your comfort zone, but fortune favors the brave.

Find new venues to perform at. Filter them by genre, capacity, and type.

With over 130k venues in our database, it’s not hard to find new ones that match a certain genre. You can simply filter them by venue capacity and the genre of the artists most frequently booked. New venues and event organizers are just a couple of clicks away. Their social media connections are listed on their profiles, so it’s easy to slide into their DMs.

3. See what’s going on, collaborate, and be inspired

This is the easiest way to do your homework; the only thing you need to do is look. There are 460K artists in our database, opening up around half a million opportunities for you to find somebody to collaborate with, learn from, and get inspired by. Filter the artists by country, genre, and subgenre, check their latest tracks, top-performing content, and music network, and see where they’re performing. The possibilities are endless.

You can now find artists by genre, subgenre, and location., however, doesn’t only cater to artists. With over 1M up-to-date profiles, it combines artists, venues, events, and festivals into a truly comprehensive global music network. Wonder how music professionals and fans can use it? Stay tuned.

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

Matej Gregorčič

Written by

Founder & CEO at Viberate and Serial Entrepreneur

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

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