Viberate Gets an Early Christmas Present and It’s Excellent

Matej Gregorčič
Dec 20, 2019 · 2 min read

It appeared to be an early Christmas gift when a wrapped box arrived at our office. After unpacking it, we discovered a framed sheet of paper. What was it, you ask? Seems we’ve been awfully good this year.

Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading providers of business intelligence, awarded Viberate with a Certificate of Excellence, which states that we fulfil the international standard of excellence in creditworthiness. Wondering what this means exactly? According to their data, we’re one of the most reliable Slovenian companies to do business with. What is more, Milan Dragić, their General Manager for Southern Markets, recently stated,

“Viberate is one of the most innovative startups in the region with great potential for success in the current global marketplace.’’

Here’s the link for all Slovenian readers.

Obtaining the “Certificate of Excellence for the highest creditworthiness” isn’t our first accolade. Here’s what we already have under our belt:

  • “Slovenian Startup of the Year 2016” (by the journal,
  • “10 Slovenian startups to look out for” (by
  • “Music Moves Europe” Winner (European Commission’s Initiative)
The ‘’Certificate of Excellence’’ in all its glory.

It’s always nice when we get recognized for doing things right. We always strive to be professional and transparent which we believe our partners appreciate. In the past year we’ve been working with five mid-sized festivals to give festivalgoers a unique experience with a tailored app — from Sea Dance and No Sleep, both part of the EXIT brand, to MetalDays, Castle Festival, and Punk Rock Holiday. We were happy to receive stellar feedback and are looking forward to what the future holds. With all of them extending their subscriptions for their next festival edition, we know we’ll have to roll-up our sleeves next year.

At the same time we can announce that we’ll be joining forces with The International Dance Music Awards for the second time in a row — providing them with our data to populate the artist categories.

Also, let’s not forget our biggest asset — our people. Our successes are the result of the outstanding work of the entire team that is breaking ground in revolutionizing the global live music ecosystem. And if you’d like to know how it is to work in our offices in Ljubljana, you can take a sneak peek here:

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

Matej Gregorčič

Written by

Founder & CEO at Viberate and Serial Entrepreneur

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

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