Working at Viberate: What’s It Like?

Urska Jaksa
Nov 8, 2019 · 3 min read

“We need somebody who thinks the music industry is the best, and who has a genuine affinity for data and storytelling.” Enter: me. Here’s the tale of my beginnings at Viberate and how we still see each other every day.

The people behind Viberate

Let’s cover the bases first. Viberate’s HQ, an everyday destination for around 70 employees, is in Ljubljana, Slovenia. There are those who have built their careers as music managers, and some who have hundreds of music events under their belt. Without a doubt, the percentage of people feeling confident behind a mixing board is higher than at other companies, as every fifth employee is also a DJ. This is especially true for our co-founder UMEK, a DJ and producer, who’s currently #1 on the Beatport Techno chart.

Count in some amateur musicians and devoted concert-goers, and you’ve got the gist. Even though we come from different professions, there’s a common denominator: our love for music. And trust me, there’s a wide variety of genres blasting in our headphones.

Love for music starts early. Here’s our designer Boris, sharing his knowledge.

The first steps are the bravest

Viberate was on my radar for a while, as it shines brightly in the Slovenian startup world. After the first interview, it all proceeded swiftly. We talked a couple of times and set the date. I landed in the marketing department, which works closely with all the other parts of the company. Viberate is a startup, so it’s still a very dynamic working environment. Expect to learn fast and ask a lot of questions.

Getting into the game

Viberate covers a large database of artists, festivals, events, and venues, which opens up a world of possibilities. Before you jump in, you have to dip your toes, and that’s what the first days are for. You learn the basics, get confused a couple of times, ask a few questions, ask a few more questions, and before you know, you’re swimming in deep water.

Even at team buildings, we don’t miss a beat.

Stepping up

Things get interesting fast. If you’re excited about the new artists on the block, can’t imagine a day without music, and like to dig into data to find trends with real-life effects, this is the place to be. After a little over a month, I got the opportunity to manage editorial content for the platform. Our articles explore all things music and demonstrate what exactly we can do with our vast resources. Wondering why the careers of some artists explode, who are the hottest acts in the UK, which genres are on the rise, and how to choose your go-to festivals? We’ve got the answers to these questions and many more.

The dogs are definitely the biggest divas of the office.

A top-notch morning destination

Is it because of the all-you-can-drink coffee? Co-workers that are happy to join into a mad tune at any given moment? Dogs that are more or less happy to see you (hint: “Got food?”)?

All of this helps, but working at Viberate means you work in the most interesting industry in the world (our humble opinion, but we’ll go with it). To get cheesy: a cause that you can get behind proudly matters a lot. And giving aspiring artists a leg-up with an always up-to-date profile they can use to pitch a club or a promoter definitely makes the cut.

Oh, did I mention we’ve got a stage for live events? This means we can hang out with the artists, get their feedback first-hand, and see them perform. At the end of the day, the platform was developed to tackle real challenges and benefits greatly from the right input. A cherry on top if there ever was one.

Here’s a sneak peek of our live events.

Urska Jaksa

Written by

Viberate blog

Viberate is a service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network.

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