AI — The Master or Muse of Marketing?

Aditi Shah
Aug 4 · 5 min read

The paradoxical prowess of Artificial Intelligence lies in its astute ability to rapidly revolutionise our reality. Didn’t quite understand what I meant? This is exactly why AI exists. To make our lives more easy. More effective. And more engaging. Artificial Intelligence has penetrated into almost every part of our lives and continues to drive the daily dynamics with deft dexterity. Now when it comes to Marketing AI has two facets — one which focuses on selling its essentiality and the other which focuses on evading the ephemerality of an entity. While it has simplified digital marketing, it has also amplified its impact and implementation. So let’s explore some of the most prominent and poignant applications of AI in marketing:

  1. Analytics — As humans, we’ve inculcated the innate tendency to analyse every aspect of our lives. We invest an endless amount of time to scrutinise the information that we’ve acquired over a period of time whether it applies to reading this blog or reading an entire book altogether. Now you’re reconsidering reading it altogether aren’t you? AI has tactfully imbibed this involuntary instinct of ours as one of its most important integrations.When it comes to Marketing, Analysis derived with AI algorithms play a crucial role in shaping strategies. AI allows marketers to analyze more data than a human mind could comprehend, respond to an audience’s preferences better and use natural language processing to understand the target market. Improper data interpretation and ineffective data integrations were consistent drawbacks that hampered in the conceptualisation of a campaign before the age of AI. But now life has become much easier. AI makes it easier to connect and coalesce discordant data that facilitate invaluable insights beyond the capabilities of the human mind. With AI we save a lot of time, effort and end up simplifying the entire process of acquiring analytics.
  2. Predictions — Irrespective of our beliefs and faith, we’ve all fallen prey to those horoscopic clickbaits which instantly indicate what the future holds for us. After all, who doesn’t want destiny at their disposal? With the same underlying principle, marketers have always had an ardent desire to predict their customer’s behaviour. AI in the form of a time machine has succeeded in bringing them a step closer to the future. AI is all about data-driven decision making and approaches to marketing, it’s extensively used to integrate data from different platforms. Now these platforms accumulate all types of analytics as a part of analysing customer behaviors and patterns to develop automated systems and customer profiles to target certain markets. These predictions improve existing customer relationships, enhance the customers shopping experience and provide a seamless and simple experience in comparison to them scouring tones of webpages for the desired result.
  3. Content Creation — We’re living in the age of content. Be it Instagram or Tiktok, newspapers or newsletters, videos or podcasts — creating content is the new normal irrespective of the type. Content generation plays a paramount role in constituting the marketing strategy of a company. The modern internet is a content arms race — the more you produce, the more eyeballs you capture. Manual content creation is a tedious process and cannot cater to the upcoming demand of hyper-personalized content. AI makes things much easier. AI tools provide data-driven feedback and insights to content creators, which make the cumbersome process of generating content faster and better. Now there’s a new kid on the block- content intelligence. It’s defined as the systems and software that transform content and business data into actionable insights for content strategy and tactics with impact. Brands are using this to create personalised content based on their prospective audience’s preferences, challenges and thought processes. You can say AI a mind reader is giving birth to another mind reader. After all, haven’t we all wished for that superpower at some point in our lives? AI can streamline content creation by a process called content profiling, which involves taking complete stock of all your existing posts and wb pages to understand its performance as well as impact on customers which would take an enormous time if done manually. Natural Language Generation (NGL) solutions which convert computerized data into written narratives are powerful tools that ease a marketers task by achieving faster content creation.
  4. Introduce InteractivityRemember all those times you dialled the customer helpline number on complaint redressal and were either left hanging or unanswered? Chatbots have now come to the rescue. Brands and businesses have been using a chatbot for almost every possible task in customer service, to enhance sales and marketing, render timely and effective communication, increase customer retention etc. AI chatbots play a vital role in mapping accurate user information, behaviour analysis of the users and building brand loyalty. It can be integrated with your existing service, AI-based consumer predictions, each customer’s lifetime value and social media behaviours to impart teh best possible customer journey. The year 2021 will record an estimated 25% of digital workers using virtual assistants and chatbots, this combination is set to make a colossal impact on mobile technology and user experience. The chatbot market worldwide is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025, with an annual growth of 24.3%. With the help of AI-powered chatbots, users can get 24x7 assistance without any hassle. Providing a personalised experience to users is one of the top priorities of a company today and with the help of AI its turning into a reality with pace.
  5. Automation — What are the chances of a lead getting converted? What is an ideal time to email a customer? What are the odds of converting this customer into a client? AI lets machines do machine things so that people can do people things. Marketing automation has been around for quite some time. You can’t practically copy paste content into thousands of emails, manually changing the name each time. AI-powered automation helps you ramp things up a notch and takes away the impending burden of decision making. Artificial Intelligence is highly efficient at performing repetitive tasks and can do a majority of the work ordained to human marketers. This saves up time and effort for the marketers to divert more focus towards lead conversion. You can use AI to help you decide not only what to create, but also when, how and where does it have to be published and distributed. All it requires is one click. This can increase a marketers productivity, improvise strategic planning and helps them deliver a better experience to the customers.

AI-based marketing is creating a paradigm shift in the domain of digital marketing and constantly changing the role of a marketer. With algorithms constantly crunching data, rapidly delivering predictions, automating mundane tasks, and deriving analytics, a digital marketer has a higher probability of delivering a judicious judgement when it comes to creating a campaign or shaping a strategy. Now answering the most obvious question in your minds? Will AI put marketers out of a job? No. AI will serve as an enhancer of engagement, enabler of effective campaigns and will eliminate drudgwork with the added advantage of creating a better reach for your audience with more compelling and customised content.


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