Aditi Shah
May 26 · 6 min read
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Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you have the most insanely innovative idea out there? Are you a step away from acquiring the million dollar funding to your vicarious venture?

Then here’s a simple & systematic guide to creating the most stellar pitch ever!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Installing the 6 INFINITY stones on the path to invincibility. (Be the Thanos we need.)

  1. Space Stone
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Your tesseract i.e your startup, is the impetus to your future. Hopefully, you have a sound and structured layout about your venture, as this will teleport you to the dimension of the funding that you need to amass.

The first & foremost fuel that’ll power your venture & will account as the foundation of your pitch, are the people you’re pitching to. They form the base & boundaries of your pitch. You need to have thorough research on the background of the people you are targeting as your investors.

Think about what they care about, and what they are going to get out of it. If you’re pitching an investment opportunity, who are these potential investors? What do they typically invest in? Why is your investment a good deal / safe bet / big opportunity? If you’re pitching to potential clients, think about who those clients are? What are the challenges they face? How does your product make their life better, easier, more profitable, etc?

This space stone will hold the unlimited (in this case probably limited?) energy that you need to rule the universe!

2. Reality Stone

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This is where you change the laws of ground reality, by transforming the close to impossible problem into the most & powerful possibility. Your solution contains the power to wield the investors into a reality, where your idea, innovation & initiative should be the sole illusion they’ll invest to immersify themselves.

Problem Statement — Convey your problem in the most versatile manner. How does the problem arise in the first place? Is the problem significant enough to be looked into? Why are you targeting this specific problem?

Solution — How does your product or service resolve the problem? Why is your solution better than the others? Investors intrinsically want you to provide customers & users through a journey which is unique & inexperienced before. So paint a picture mainly with colors of convenience & candor.

The reality you’re connecting them with, should be clear, convincing & convey 3 major aspects -

Why do they pick you? Is your solution better than what exists before? Will it last for a lifetime?

3. Mind Stone

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Brace yourself, now we’re loki going to see a spectrum of features which will define the vision and mission your startup’s set out to achieve. Pardon me for sounding afflicted by avengers. I’ll snap back from it. Oops I did it again!

Moving on, let’s move into few of the important aspects to be included in your deck

i) Market Size & Opportunity — How many consumers face the problem you’re targeting & are seeking a solution? How many customers exist for your product or service? Which market segment are you narrowing down to and why?

ii) Business Model — How are you planning to make money? Show a monetary map for everything, from scratch to the surface. They’ll pay maximum attention to this, so ensure it’s spectacular! (I mean you’ve already got the sceptre, what more do you need?)

iii) Proprietary Tech or Expertise — What cause do you champion? Do you own a patent or an IP? How efficient & viable is your technology or service in comparison to the others?

iv) Competitive Landscape — This is literally the mind blowing/brewing part of this section. Who are your key competitors? How are you better than them? In which all aspects do you outshine them? Are you the sole player in this field or do you’ve a battle to fight in wakanda?

4. Time Stone

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Isn’t it strange to have a pitch full of narratives but no numbers? It’s like someone caught corona without a cough. But worry not, we’ve a cure for this too driven by our very own data driven doctor. After all, your aim is not a heist but a hoist.

Welcome to the dark dimension of data. This world requires you to support & substantiate every credit & conquer you’ve claimed so far with numbers.

Enumerate your major financials, user base demographics, growth rate, estimated earnings. But you don’t want to just create a time loop off a bunch of numbers and bullet points; you want to use your numbers and data to tell a story about your business and customers.

Start by visualizing simple data such as sales, revenue, expenses, and user growth. Once you’ve done that, work on contextualizing and explaining that information, add commentary to exemplify and elucidate your data, showing investors that you have a complete understanding of how your business runs. In other words, the numbers and your analysis serve to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of your market. This in turn, corroborates your problem and the suggested solution.

This is your biggest lifeline to undoing the past & unfolding the future, so go avenge your aspirations!

5. Soul Stone

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To ensure that whoever possesses it understands its power, the stone demands a sacrifice. We’ve landed on the emotional & experiential planet of the pitch. Ensure that you take the onlooker, through a completely different & diversified experience. Tell them about your team, how you founded it, why you conceived it in the first place. Put your X-factor into limelight & make a formidable impression

Weave a story that engages them in a relatable & rational manner highlighting the goal you’re trying to achieve of realizing your passion. An expressive punch, citing each team member’s journey, the struggles you’ve faced, measures you took to overcome all of that helps you in shaping your own destiny.

This is the most dangerous & delicate part of the process, it can suck the soul out of it or can ignite the source forever. Channelize the same conviction & resilience that fuels your efforts, resonating the assurance of the inevitability of your success.

Guide them to a treasure that they can possess.

6. Power Stone

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Once you’re all set with your pitch. All you’ve got to do is go present it. Are you sure you’ve got all the power to power your power-point & present it perfectly? It’s unlikely. If only you were a star lord possessing the power stone.

Let me empower you with the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, a unique presentation pointer which will unleash the power of your possibilities, the ELI! It’s cheap, comfortable & convenient, what more do you need?

It’s the cutest presenter quill that exists after Peter Quill, after-all who am I kidding?

The best part is you can integrate it with any platform that you intend & also customize the features based on your requirements.

It’s the capricious cosmic-rod you need, to captivate & crush the capitalists around you!

Now you’re all ready with your infinity gauntlet, to end the game & own it.


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