The KAI Software Development Kit: The future, in your hands.

Anupama Nair
Apr 19, 2019 · 3 min read
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For the ones who don’t just wonder, but want to do more, for the creators, the do-ers and the inventors…

We give you, the next big thing!

The KAI & the KAI Software Development Kit.

Like Batman & Robin, The KAI & it’s SDK are a team designed to take on new heights. The KAI SDK allows you to integrate the KAI with hardware or software of your choice to create a balance in the tech you use, & the way you use it.

Who is it for?

The SDK is for any creator who wishes to better their tech experience by changing the way they interact with technology. The idea would be to create an easy, fast and intuitive way to control your gadgets. You may do this simply because the KAI makes interactions easier or because it augments the immersive experience you wish to create with the digital world.

Where would you use it?

You could integrate the KAI to work with various hardware and software components to elevate the experience of using said tech. You may choose to integrate the KAI with robots and allow yourself the luxury of controlling the robot & enabling it to take actions with just a few gestures. You could also use the KAI to fly your drone. It might be time we put away our bulky remotes & moved on to a more intuitive way to control the device. You’d probably keep safe from those frequent drone-crashes because your controller understands you better now.

On the other hand, for those who like to tinker with software, the KAI, along with its SDK, allow you to create a seamless interaction with you & the software of your choice. You could take the SDK & wield its powers to bring your gaming experience to life. Point to shoot, crouch duck, run, scope & aim. Do it all with gestures. You’d be faster than most people out there. Who could beat you then?

And for those who absolutely hate stepping out of their Virtual Reality world, the KAI & its SDK could be your new best friends. You could put them to use and find yourself interacting with the virtual world just like you would in real life. Gestures come naturally to us and therefore, the KAI would allow you to enjoy a more “realistic” virtual reality setting. Pick up and drop objects just as you would in the real world, manipulate objects within the VR scope using gestures. Doesn’t that sound way better than using your old controllers?

Why is the KAI SDK so cool?

The SDK was created mindfully. We wanted to make sure that you could get the best out of your KAI, no matter who you are. The KAI’s SDK can be integrated with any development stack you prefer to use, as it is platform agnostic. The SDK is also easy to use and would take you no time at all to understand it and implement your ideas.

We have always believed that the KAI was meant for more. And when we say more, we mean that the possibilities are virtually endless. Each creator out there has a new idea, each one unique from the rest & we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

So get your KAIs ready and take the future into your own hands.


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