AGC Class Notes from Week 19 — February 06, 2020

Class Notes by Sharmila

Since we have completed more than half the number of classes for the year , Vivekji wanted us to reflect on ‘How would we know if we are working with the course or if the course is working on us?’ The Vedanta in Bhagavata course focuses on Bhakti. One knows if they are working on the course/if the course is working on them if they have a greater love for Bhagavan or Bhagya(virtues). The Meditation in Life course focuses on Jnaana (knowledge). If our lifestyle is oriented towards purification and/or introspection then we know that we are working on this course/this course is working on us. For the Applied Gita course — when our look (vision) is of appreciation and/or attention (careful about what we think, say and act) , then we know that this course if working on us/we are working on the course.

In January, the verb we studied was “Working” through the following verses.

Chapter 5 verse 8 — Essence is All is Karma. Our idea of work tends to be paycheck related, but, breathing, blinking,talking — all is work!

Chapter 13 verse 11 — Essence is All is Sadhana. All work is an opportunity to practice values.

Chapter 3 verse 12- Essence is All is Yajna. Every experience/opportunity for work is where we can practice dedication. If we are dedicated then we will be sacrificing.

Chapter 6 verse 17 — Sri Lakshmana symbolises the waking state, Sri Shatrughna symbolises the dream state, Sri Bharata symbolises the sleep state and Bhagavan Rama is the symbol for awareness. We can only tune into awareness when we are awake, so we should be like Sri Lakshmana. The more one loves living, the less they sleep! Sri Lakshmana is the icon for Karma Yoga. In Tulsi Ramayana it is stated that He never slept or ate for 14 years! Sri Shatrughna is an icon for Bhakti Yoga. Sri Bharata is an icon for Jnaana. He knows that the only purpose of life is Bhagavan Rama. Bhagavan Rama is the icon for happiness. Sri Lakshmana, Sri Shatrughna and Sri Bharata are the flag pole and Bhagavan Rama is the flag. Everyone honors the flag, not realizing that without the flag pole we would never see the flag! So we have to engage ourselves in our work where we are uniting with that happiness. Essence is All is Sadaachara. (behaviour or conduct should be ‘Sat’/noble/truthful/useful).

The verb that we will study for this month (February) is ‘Parenting’.

Swami Tejomayananda has shared that “Before you have children, you have many theories on raising children but no children, later on you have many children but no theories on raising them”!

Chapter 9 verse 17: Literal meaning of the first quarter is that Bhagavan Krishna is the father of this multiverse. When we go past names, we get to the forms. When we go past the form, we get to the existence or ‘Satta’. There is no multiverse! The room we are in — was given a name by us — such as living room, home or friend’s home. If we go past that we get to the form — the wall was put up by us, or the line of division was created by us. But if we are 20,000 feet above , we see no division between rooms or property lines. The room is simply ‘Sat’ or existence. This is Sri Ramana’s teaching in Upadesha Sara and Sad Darshan. One’s vision should be on this ‘Sat’. The implied meaning here is, there is only ‘infinity’.

In Sanatana Dharma there are 64 creation theories — the highest of which is ‘there is no creation’. If we come down one perspective then , ‘there is no creation, there is only manifestation’. So infinity ‘is’ — it manifests and unmanifests.

The first quarter shares I am the creator” — which means, there is a creation, I created and everything we experience (this multiverse, Jagat) — I am the creator.

The literal meaning of the second quarter is — “I am the mother, provider and grandfather”. The implied meaning is: Maata is the Generator , Dhaata is the Operator and PitamahaH means Dissolver — which spells “GOD”. God has come as one’s mother, God has come as one’s father and God has come as one’s Guru. Then we start to feel “Athithi Devo Bhava” — God has come as “All”.

The first quarter is about Brahman and the second quarter is about Bhagavan. If we don’t understand infinity then infinity expresses as God. If we don’t understand God, then God expresses as “Shastra”.

The third quarter is about Shastra. That which is most purifying is “Omkara”, God takes on this tactile form and name known as “Om”.

If we are not able to notice Shastra, then Shastra expresses itself more as one’s Sadguru or the Guru Shishya Parampara, and this is implied in the last quarter. One’s Guru Shishya Parampara comes to one as the “Rik” (praises) Veda, “Yajus” (rituals) Veda , “Sama” (song) Veda. The Veda is beautifully shared as “Bhagavatam”. In Srimad Bhagavatam, one of the first Avataras is Varaha, who came to save the earth. Quality of earth is smell, so infinity took the form of boar/pig, because a boar/pig is always looking towards earth and intaking more and more of the earth.

Our kids have come into our life as an expression of the infinite. Our kids are our Infinity/God/Scripture/Guru. If we tune in to them with that look of appreciation and attention they will bring us through the scripture, through God to infinity (as our Self) — by us practicing all the values to endure all they do cheerfully. If we remember this, then we can be the best parent — the happiest parent!



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