Beyond Bullying

November 13, 2017

Namah Te from Kansas City!

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

Teachers who project students to be ‘bloomers’ or ‘dullards’ often manifest those results in their students (The Rosenthal Effect). This is bullying.
Friends who spread rumours about people they know, about people they do not know, often hurt those people. This is bullying.
Yet 90% of bullying is not reported due to shaming of those who are bullied and rewarding of those who bully.

Recently i was involved in a beautiful, meaningful, thoughtful Workshop on Beyond Bullying. Sadly, every one of us has been bullied and/or knows one who is being bullied. Supportingly, i share some insights from our Workshop through our E-Vichara

E-Vichara (November 13, 2017) — — Beyond Bullying

  • People who bully — We have all forgotten our Infinite nature and some inflict their smallness by making others feel small, believing this will make them feel big — a systemic practice of bullying was perfected by colonizers who invaded countries and utilized the sense of us and ‘them’ (othering)
  • People who bully — A reason people bully is the feeling of incompleteness, creating the feeling of extroversion, creating the feeling of attachment, creating the feeling of fear, creating the feeling of anger — a remedy for people who bully is to be compassionate about their sadness and to provide them with the right role models
  • People who are bullied — To be human is to be gifted with choice and for some this is taken away — a systemic practice of bullying is perfected by converters who force their ideologies, who forge inhumanity
  • People who are bullied — A reason people are bullied is the feeling that they are dissimilar (i.e. power differential, sexual orientation, etc.) — a remedy for people who are bullied is to be courageous about their dissimilarities and for them to be supported with the right friends
  • A reason for virtual bullying is people’s dependency on social media while a remedy for virtual bullying is using social media for fun — a reason for professional bullying is people’s confusion about success while a remedy for professional bullying is focussing on contributing not collecting
  • Whether one is bullying or is being bullied, isolation only exacerbates the problem — inclusivity creates an environment of possibility and equality, an environment where incompleteness and dissimilarities are deconstructed