Cheerful Relating — Distraction

September 14, 2020

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

THIS MESSAGE IS NOT SPAM! This message is just very very very late…
With few responsibilities, in June of 2009 i began sharing our E-Vichara every Monday.
With many responsibilities, in January of 2013 i began sharing our E-Vichara every other Monday.
With many more responsibilities, at the beginning of 2020 i began slowing down sharing our E-Vichara.
With the aspiration to be more responsible, at the beginning of 2021 i begin speeding up sharing our E-Vichara.
Gratitude for your patience to understand this offering…

No one will judge you more than a parent.
No one will annoy you more than a spouse.
No one will disappoint you more than a child.
Not being in relationships is easy and so being cheerful is instinctive.
Being in relationships is hard and so being cheerful is intentional.

The Happiness Series IV explored how NOT to be judged-annoyed-disappointed. And the same is offered through the E-Vichara

E-Vichara (September 14, 2020) — — Cheerful Relating — Distraction

  • The more you care for others the more they care for others — are you investing in things or beings
  • Confusion of purpose is distraction — clarify your purpose by reducing how much you input enabling you to raise how much you internalize
  • You are not distracted, you are disinterested — the more you reflect on self-development the more you develop an interest in independent joy
  • Vulnerability needs stability — unitasking triggers simplicity triggering organization triggering inspiration
  • The best way to lead is to follow — the best way to correct is to relate
  • No one is a perfect relative, every one can be an evolving relative — the more one practices self-criticism the more one will practice self-forgiveness




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