Chillar Party

Sowmya Gopal
Dec 9, 2019 · 2 min read

November 25, 2019

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

Seekers < 40 who study Vedanta = are learning

Seekers > 40 who study Vedanta = are unlearning

One of the best movies on the difference between learning and unlearning is narrated in our E-Vichara

Special E-Vichara (November 25, 2019) — — Chillar Party

  • Names are always changing — losers are always changing
  • Strength is having less dislikes — insecurity is having more likes
  • A productive way to live is invoke information then evoke action — a value based education is a catalyst to a virtue based lifestyle
  • We feel being licentious is being lucky — whether happy or unhappy the responsible are righteous
  • Adaptability is felt as never giving up — being daring is thinking short-term, being courageous is thinking long-term
  • Honesty empowers being natural — being natural empowers empathy
  • In generalization the oppressed are ignored — problems are relative
  • Creation has one source with many expressions (monotheistic polytheism) — time is required to understand and appreciate unity in diversity
  • All should be helped and one in need should be helped with 100 times the enthusiasm — being aware of privilege one becomes an advocate of spreading the same privilege
  • We are externally branded by the company we keep — we are internally affected by the company we keep
  • Kids feel right is might, adults feel might is right — if what is learned is forgotten what is the point of learning
  • The sign of dedication is sacrifice — rewarding effort one is always a winner


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