Ego Erasers

May 1, 2017

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

What is the point of schooling?
What is the point of working?
What is the point of marrying?
What is the point of disciplining?
What is the point of anything?

The point of everything is to dismantle any and all separation. Satya is Advaita. Oneness is Truth. Philosophical and practical points on how to live ego-free is the point of our E-Vichara

E-Vichara (May 1, 2017) — — Ego Erasers

  • Ego is an illusion which makes us identify with limitations such as intellect, mind, breath, body — the intellect instructs, the mind interprets, the breath inputs, the body interacts, all the equipments serve a function while the ego just lives off these functions like a parasite
  • God is that which is most independent and that which is most independent is Infinite — we feel dependent, we feel finite for the ego has deluded us into feeling our core is not independent, is not Infinite and so we are not God
  • Observations that even when life is ‘perfect’ that living is lacking, we stop gripping the world — being less worldly is a catalyst to a calm body, natural breath, quiet mind, still intellect enabling us to see through the ego
  • Introspect steadily and sincerely about who we are and what is the universe — saying ‘no’ to indulgence, saying ‘no’ to materialism, saying ‘no’ to politics creates time in our schedules which creates space in our minds to reflect
  • Silence the mouth and mind about gain — only when we give wholly do we realize that none of the resources, time and effort we gave even belonged to us that all belongs to God
  • Merge the ego with God by renouncing any and every idea of individuality — if we are not being an individual we are Being