Guidelines for Atma Bodha Class Notes

Student Writers for Class notes

Mananam (reflection) is an important sadhana (means) to truly learn something. Class Notes are intended to be an opportunity for the class students to do some mananam on the class and write their reflections to share with the rest of the class. This will be useful for the rest of the class, and most beneficial to the student writing the reflection.

Each week the class notes will have reflections from Two Satsang groups. 
Each assigned group can choose an individual to write the notes.

Tentative schedule with Groups of the Week posted here.
We will tweak this schedule to reflect holiday breaks.

The class notes by 2 different groups will enable the rest of the class to get a balanced perspective / summary of the class and provide great mananam.

Instruction for writers

1. Posting class notes — Email the class notes to

2. Class notes template provided here (if you would like a template):

3. Class notes are due within 4 days of the class. Eg Atma Bodha class notes for class 1 on 9/7 will need to be submitted in for publishing latest by Monday 6:00 pm EST. This is so we can all have time to read, write and reflect on the content while it is still fresh in our memory and in time for the next class.

4. In case the assigned writer groups need to be excused (like Swamiji visiting center) from class for the week they are assigned to write — please work with the class coordinator 2 weeks in advance to be assigned to an alternate writing schedule.

5. Please feel free to email out to for questions/concerns