Happy Dipavali

The Original Light

The greatest himsa (harm) is living selfishly. The greatest himsaka (harmer) is ourselves against ourselves.

Outer darkness is not as intimidating as inner darkness. Those who do not think, those who partially think, those who wrongly think, are those filled with fear (avichara krto bandah).

Vedanta is the Science of Light. This most illumining science guides, those who rightly think, are those filled with freedom (vicharena nivartate).

Dipavali is an annual reminder for us to think about thinking!
Where have we come from? Where are we going?

Our relationship with Dipavali must grow — out of a reminder and in to a presence. Those who have opened their hearts to Rama (Happiness), they shine as the Awareness that transcends freedom and fear (na muktih na bandhah).

i pray to Bhagavan and the Guru-shishya-parampara to grace and guide us to emerge from using lights to Being Light.

Joyous Dipavali to All!


Acharya Vivek