In Shloka 22, Acharya Nityananda describes the man of realization. He compares this person to a child, a madman and a ghost. Child because he is so innocent, so uncaring of the past and the future and cherishing the present. Madman because he is so immersed in His state, external circumstances do not affect Him at all. A ghost because of His fearlessness. A ghost is unaffected by the physical nature too, a man of prefection is carefree even in the metaphysical state. Acharya Nityananda goes on to say such a man of perfection collects the roadside rags and wears it as a clothing. Gurudev explains that this suggests how this person does not take anything from anyone, he has nothing more to gain from the world. they have an attitude of taking the least for themselves and giving back the most to others.

This is the state we are all trying to reach….even those humans that are totally immersed in materialistic world, they just don’t know it yet. Goal of a Human birth is to reach this state. We are all touched by Grace, that we get this opportunity to learn about the ways to get to this state. We have access to the google map, we simply need to follow the directions to the tooth. Vivekji says this is a risky path full of obstacles (don’t we know it) but this is a test of our determination. All we need is full and complete trust in Bhagwan and it will happen. Some of us shared how implementing these methods has worked for them, they have discovered peace within themselves. Imagine this state 24/7…how amazing would that be!!!!!

Bottom line: Be connected to the Fundamental….everything else is functional.

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