Human to Hanuman — Yajna Day Logistics

  1. Virtual Jnana Yajna will be conducted via Zoom- If you are new to Zoom — set up a zoom account at
  • The portal we will use is Zoom — — download the necessary (free!) software (Downloading Zoom)
  • Become familiar with joining a meeting (Joining Zoom) — — become familiar with accessing audio/video settings (Using Zoom)
  • Everyone needs to have their audio and video working — — when joining our meeting, turn your video on and your audio off
  • Type in your full first/last name to identify yourself — — we need to work hard to make a virtual environment intimate
  1. There is no enrollment for this Yajna — it is open to first 101 cameras.
  2. Jnana Yajna starts at 7 pm EST — the zoom meeting will open at 6:55 pm EST and will lock at 101 cameras.
  3. Everyone is encouraged to attend as a family/community as this will facilitate enriching discussions.
  4. This is a unique interactive Yajna and will include a discussion session towards the end.
  5. Please sign the intent form here — this will be used for planning purposes only — it does not reserve a spot at the Yajna.
  6. Join with family and friends and let’s internalize Hanuman Chalisa.
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