Manifesting Divinity

Week 4

Can one be Free, free of a Sadguru?

“No doubt, the pivotal moment in any seeker’s spiritual journey is the arrival of the Guru. He/She is a manifestation of the ultimate Truth. Only with the Guru’s help in the form of knowledge, encouragement, inspiration, grace or whatever you call it, can the inexplicable spell of illusion be shattered. The logic behind this is simple: nothing can give what it does not have. Truth alone can give Truth, light alone impart light. No wonder Shri Krshna says in the Bhagavad Gita that it was He who first gave Knowledge of the Truth to the Lord Sun at the beginning of creation.

How great is the debt of the devotee to the Guru, whose hand holds him ever so tightly and securely, as he goes about his daily life, buffeted by circumstances, oblivious to the Reality underlying it all! How wonderful it is that though the seeker does not fully comprehend his oneness with the Guru, the cosmic Truth embodied for his sake, that Truth continues to reach out to him, to sustain him, mould him, wake him up, out of sheer love and largesse!

There can be no better way to thank the Teacher than to embrace the Truth fully by letting his presence seep into every aspect and every moment of our lives, consciously evolving ourselves towards the great grand Reality he has uncovered for us. Let us honour him with an open heart and renew our resolve to continue the quest, to dive deeper and go farther in unwrapping for ourselves the gift that is the Guru himself. Few may realize this, but it is life’s highest and rarest blessing that the hand of Guru-Brahma-Guru-Vishnu-Guru-Devo-Maheshvara inserts itself into our limited consciousness, with voice, action, instruction, humour — even a long, wispy beard and a pair of eyeglasses sometimes!” 
~ Swami Swaroopananda

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