Maranam Sharanam-Ultimate destination

In Shloka 28, the great Acharya cements the same message. Vivekji reiterated how our main driver in life is Sukhaprapti (seeking enjoyment). We engage in pleasure because we have the Vasana to do that which is easy, preyas, the path of pleasure. We are all very well aware by now that if we live our life indiscriminately, it will only cause disease and discomfort. For the sake of peace, people engage in pleasure.

We always see death around us, but somehow it never hits us that this is going to happen to us one day. Even though we know that the ultimate destination is death, we still keep chasing pleasure as if that is our goal. Adi Shankaracharya uses the phrase “maranam sharanam”(embrace of death/end/death). Nature of dvaita is to end endlessly and this causes dukha (sorrow) because this is unnatural. Only the everlasting is natural. Existence, awareness is joyous!

Vivekji described paapa (sin) very interestingly: Paapa is when we deny our intellect. Animal in us will be attracted to animalism. The intellect within is like a watchguard always telling us the right thing to do, everytime we defy it, we are essentially committing a sin!!!!!!

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