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Letter sent on Nov 5, 2016

Vichara Gurukula

Vicharagurukula is a digital platform for seekers who want to pursue Self Development. The platform provides a range of courses and opportunities to cater to seekers of diverse levels of maturity and commitment.

The purpose of this medium publication is to facilitate a dialogue amongst seekers, and a conversation rooted in Vedanta. This publication is basically a set of articles (called medium stories), that are written by Acharya Vivekji and Vicharagurukula Students as their reflections on Vedanta.

What does an article look like?

  • An E-Vichara by Acharya Vivekji.
  • A RAW (Reflection Adventure of the Week) given in one of the classes so that people can join the conversation and add their comments and thoughts.
  • A reflection by one of the students.

Three simple ways you can participate:

READ: Follow the conversation

1Click the ‘Follow’ button on the top right of the page. You can create a free medium account through your twitter/facebook/email address. By doing so you will be able to get the updates on this website easily.

ENGAGE: Join the conversation

2 If you like something you read, then recommend it by clicking the heart :). This will encourage the author and also let more people see that article. More details here.

Recommend: Heart icon, Comment: Speech bubble

If you feel like adding a quick note in response to an article, add a comment. You can do this by clicking the speech icon next to the heart, writing your comment, and clicking publish! More details here.

REFLECT: Initiate a conversation

3 Share your reflections by creating a new article. You can do so by writing a ‘medium story’. The following link explains in a step by step way how to write a story.

Once you write the story, submit it to the Vicharagurukula Publication. Contact vicharagurukula@googlegroups.com with a link to your story.

Right below this article you will see a follow button. If you like this attempt, please take a moment now to follow this publication and get started!

This is what you will see right below…

Hari Om.