Shloka 21-my thoughts

Past few days have been very interesting for me…experiencing loss by death! Death of a family member, death of a pet and death of a family member of a close friend. I have also been witnessing pain and suffering of an elder in the family. I also heard a good news of a friend having a baby….a new soul has entered this samsara cycle. When I saw all this, I was reminded of Acharya Shankara’s words. Punarapi jananam, punarapi maranam. I stepped back and looked at all these events as if I was watching a movie…birth and death (change) everywhere and this cycle goes on. Moment a soul enters the world, we develop an attachment to it and this attachment goes stronger and stronger every day until the day it has to depart and then we mourn this departure. And it goes on…….Is this all there is to life…I often think….what is this all about? I wonder what am I doing here? Why was I brought here? I am obviously been placed in this place and situation specifically, there has to be a reason. I then give up failing to find answers and surrender to Bhagwan…..Why worry when He is there holding me.