Societal-Care in the Time of Covid

March 16, 2020

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

Since we have been ‘locked-down’ physically, i have been ‘locked-in’ virtually. Enjoy diverse highlights of diverse workshops for diverse organizations with our diverse E-Vichara

E-Vichara (March 16, 2020) — — Societal-Care in the Time of Covid

  • (Wellness of Health Care Professionals during Covid-19 for the Association of Indian Physicians of Northern Ohio in Cleveland) — one is only powerful if one serves the powerless — serving society is a long-term engagement of others demanding a long-term investment in oneself
  • (Navigating Fear of the Unknown for the Federation of Indian Associations in Columbus) — if one focusses on loss one feels panic within / pandemic without and if one focusses on gain one feels courage within / challenge without — fear is an indication faith is low and to raise faith one should revolve around the faithful
  • (Being Certain in Uncertain Times for Intel in Portland) — our planet and our body is ever changing which we accept, our society is ever changing too which we do not accept — hold on to what you do control and let go of what you do not control
  • (Finding Calmness in Chaos for the Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation in Toronto) — whatever consciously quietens the mind is prayer — to radiate peace one has to be established in peace
  • (Moha Mudgara for the Advaita Academy in Hyderabad) — a gauge of a successful guide is instilling a love for one’s Creator — a gauge of a successful seeker is growing from instinct to intention
  • (Minute to Mind Management for the Women’s Business & Leadership Development Centre in Cleveland) — connectivity evolves to community with depth and authenticity — when one has befriended their mind they have no enemies




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