Systematic Surrender

April 16, 2018

Namah Te from Houston!

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

Knowledge is knowing God. Ignorance is ignoring God. We neither know God nor ignore God. We are stuck.

Our Scriptures guide our heads to understand Infinity. We have to guide our hearts to appreciate Infinity.

How? By following the lead of Shri Vibhishana’s Sharanagati to Bhagavan Rama. How? By following common sense, another name of which is our E-Vichara

E-Vichara (April 16, 2018) — — Systematic Surrender

  • Thinking of God — as you think so you develop — before any karma, before any mantra, must be a vrtti flowing towards Bhagavan
  • Holding onto God — thinking of pleasure and Peace is to think of pleasure — holding on to Bhagavan must be supported by letting go of bhoga
  • Trusting in God — holding back is an expression on antitrust — any perceptive, reflective, deep mind knows the world will never be able to protect one from mrtyu-tamasa-dukha rather only Bhagavan can pilot one to Sat-Chit-Ananda
  • Seeking out God — vision pervades lifestyle — tapas is to burn comfort zones encouraging one to be vulnerable, encouraging one to be vigilant
  • Surrendering to God — a gauge of what we love is what we depend on — bhakti is exclusively, unconditionally, perpetually and most critically, comprehensively depending on Bhagavan
  • Being God — in Oneness there is no otherness — vidya dadati vinaya dadati advaita