TED talks on Sanatana Dharma

Nominate Acharya Vivek for talks on Sanata Dharma

TED (www.ted.com) is a platform where amazing speakers share inspiring perspectives-TED is a stage to reach millions of people of all backgrounds.

Through the years many speakers on the TED stage have shared their visions of philosophy and religion based on their scriptural backgrounds. While spirituality based talks fall into the most commonly viewed categories, finding talks based on Sanatana Dharma is little to none. Every sincere student of Vedanta knows this subjective science can benefit humanity eternally and endlessly. To nominate Acharya Vivek for TED to effectively summarize the key messages of Sanatana Dharma would be an extraordinary offering from us! We too would be engaged in the preservation and promotion of the teachings and work of our Guru-shishya-parampara in a valuable way.

The attached pdf has step by step instructions of filling in the nomination.

Thank you for nominating Acharya ji. This is our way of giving back and sharing what we have gained in life.

Hari Om