The Little Prince’s Planets

February 17, 2020

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

On Wednesday evenings, i facilitate a self-development Class for children — — Happy Hour This year we are exploring the insightful story — The Little Prince.

The Little Prince is an explorer. And we want you to be too! So join us as we explore some of The Little Prince’s explorations narrated by our E-Vichara

E-Vichara (February 17, 2020) — — The Little Prince’s Planets

  • Planet 1 (the king) — the elite believe they are THE object and so all else are subjects — the elite are not concerned about efficiency/inefficiency rather are concerned with obedience/disobedience
  • Planet 2 (the very vain-man) — the arrogant have no admirers thus they keep talking about what they were born with, avoiding effort and creating — the arrogant never listen rather only hear praise they project
  • Planet 3 (the drunkard) — the intoxicated are escapists consciously choosing to forget their responsibilities — the intoxicated are ashamed of their escaping and thus are stuck
  • Planet 4 (the businessman) — the busy are incapable of focussing, invoking and evoking irritability — the busy are serious about what is not serious
  • Planet 5 (the lamplighter) — the mindless do the what without knowing the why — the mindless are their own drain of energy and enthusiasm
  • Planet 6 (the geographer) — the intellectual feel theory and application are the same — the intellectual are afraid to explore, are afraid to exert, are afraid to evolve




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