The Message is Balance

September 4, 2017

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

What makes a teacher of a subjective science strong? Training.

Between Chinmaya Mission Niagara (including our Centres in Kitchener and London) and Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh (including our Centre in Cleveland) we have over 100 Bala Vihar Teachers. They are all seekers who are trained to teach. Teach who? Themselves.

Though named Bala (Kids) Vihar (Place), this movement is designed for those who teach, for those who administrate, for those who coordinate, etc. And what does such a design achieve? Balance.

Training themselves to be balanced. Sounds like Bhagavan Krshna guiding Prince Arjuna to be centred. For only the centred can be confident. For only the confident can be Content. Interesting? If yes, ground yourself in our E-Vichara

E-Vichara (September 4, 2017) — — The Message is Balance

  • The fulfillment of contemplation is transcending sorrow, is transcending separation — deeply appreciating this is the greatest reward would also mean deeply appreciating the greatest qualifications needed to experience this reward
  • With a vision to be a contemplator, one’s lifestyle should be comprehensively and uncompromisingly directed towards cultivating purity — one will know their vision/lifestyle is aligned with contemplation by experiencing a deepening calmness of body, a deepening quietude of mind and a deepening stillness of intellect
  • yukta ahara is being balanced with our diet, nay with all we input through the sense organs — to cultivate balance with our diet, commit to consuming single servings, thereby encouraging the understanding that food is functional
  • yukta svapna-avabodha is being balanced with our sleep, nay with being awake too — to cultivate balance with our sleep, commit to chanting before sleeping, thereby encouraging the understanding that higher quality sleep will create higher quality wakefulness
  • yukta vihara is being balanced with our play, nay with all downtime — to cultivate balance with our play, commit to watching clean shows, thereby encouraging the understanding that active sadhana should be supported by passive sadhana
  • yukta cheshta is being balanced with our work, nay with all exertion — to cultivate balance with our work, commit to investing 1% of time to serving an Ashram, thereby encouraging the understanding that worldly responsibilities are relative