Troubleshooting Contemplation

June 8, 2020

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

THIS MESSAGE IS NOT SPAM! This message is just very very very late…
With few responsibilities, in June of 2009 i began sharing our E-Vichara every Monday.
With many responsibilities, in January of 2013 i began sharing our E-Vichara every other Monday.
With many more responsibilities, at the beginning of 2020 i began slowing down sharing our E-Vichara.
Aspiring to be more responsible, at the ending of 2020 i begin speeding up sharing our E-Vichara.
Gratitude for your patience to understand this offering…

With everyone schooling from home, working from home, arguing from home (hahaha!), another trend has been 100s of ‘Coaches’ creating 1000s of ‘Courses’ for 1000000s of ‘Contemplators’! Coaches-Courses-Contemplators NEED to be authentic and deep to be transformed by Contemplation. Appreciating this truth, Acharya Shankara in Aparoksha Anubhuti, dissects eight troubles that WILL surface in the personalities of contemplators. Let us commence our surgery with the E-Vichara

E-Vichara (June 8, 2020) — — Troubleshooting Contemplation

  • A lifestyle focussed on purification is pivotal for a vision focussed on Liberation — the evolution from purification to Liberation flows through inspiration (shravana) / reflection (manana) / contemplation (nidhidhyasana)
  • Trouble 1 is being inconsistent (rahitya) — Troubleshooting 1 is to contemplate daily at the same time in the same space
  • Trouble 2 is being lazy (alasya) — Troubleshooting 2 is to plan your day-week-month-year around service
  • Trouble 3 is being sensual (lalasa) — Troubleshooting 3 is to be acutely aware of how ‘heavy’ the body becomes and how ‘low’ the mind becomes when succumbing to pleasure
  • Trouble 4 is being sleepy (laya) — Troubleshooting 4 is to sleep very early and wake early
  • By understanding a disease we discover a cure — the greatest cure is to invoke the Divine in your heart and let God fight all your demons




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