Virtue Development-Preparing the grounds

Shloka 27 of Moha Mudgara reiterates the message again…practice, practice practice what you learn. All that we learn by reading, listening and thinking, we need to implement it if we are serious about experiencing Vishnuttva.

I was absolutely mesmerized by this beautiful “bhajan” I was listening to. It is composed by Sufi saint, Mansoor Ali. It goes “ Agar hai shauk milne ka, to har dum lau lagata jaa…” The stanzas in the poetry are so touching, they inundate your heart with yearning for Lord. Roughly translated it means: If you are serious about meeting the Lord, keep lighting the flame of mumukshatva. Flooding your heart with the broom of love, eliminate the ego….Essentially what all the verses of Moha Mudgara are highlighting in many different ways. The first and foremost thing to attain the state of Bliss is purification of mind (create a virtuous mind).

In this verse, there are 4 key words that Vivekji listed very neatly on how to create a virtuous personality: Geyam (chanting), Dhyeyam (Contemplation), Neyam (leading) and Deyam (giving). 1. Chanting Lord’s name helps us concentrate on the altar. 2. Contempation on Bhagwan always. This will lead to a state where the contemplator merges and becomes the embodiment of virtues that he/she is contemplating upon. 3. Leading ourselves by leading our mind towards Satsang (engage in the company of the wise and noble people). Vivekji said when we think of every person we meet as Bhagwan in disguise, then every interaction becomes a Satsang. 4. Charity or giving away to those in need is the greatest form of virtue. We can give our resources, time and/or effort. Generosity comes from Gratitude which in turn arises from awareness.

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