Wellness Workshop: Aligning Your Career with Dharma

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Wellness Workshops are back! Join us for the next Wellness Workshop for evolving adults on Sunday, September 27 at 9pm ET with Shanthakumar Bannirchelvam on the topic Purpose, Courage and Resilience: Aligning your Career with Dharma. Shan is an active CSK’er from Singapore and will soon be joining CSK Boston. He is currently the Managing Partner of Global Impact Partners, an Impact Investment Advisory firm dedicated to serving people and the planet.

Shan will share his journey of leaving corporate law to creating a meaningful career through impact-based work and how Dharma guided his journey. He’ll be covering how to build the mental resilience to find meaning in your work and walk the path of Dharma in the process. Shan will discuss the Vedantic approaches, tools and mindsets he has used along the way. If you’re in need of some career and life inspiration, check out this session.




This community platform provides an opportunity for Seekers to read, reflect, and contemplate, on their journey of Self Development.

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Nina Bhattacharya

Nina Bhattacharya

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