Why are you in the Mananam Reading Course?

Week 5

Another week closer to death…or another week closer to Life?


Why are you in the Mananam Reading Course?


Polio shots are taken in infancy to give us immunity all through our lives. The earlier we are empowered to face life, the better off we are. We need to learn, practice, and perfect the art of right living from an early age, not just as we are about to die. Arjuna, it is believed, was sixty years old when he heard the Gita. He lived for 120 years. He heard the Gita halfway through his life. A bit late, but at a crucial time for him. Better late than never!

Learn in childhood the verses of the Gita; in teenage, its word meanings; in youth, its import; and in adulthood — through satsang, study, reflection and practice — to abide in its knowledge. ~ excerpt from Chinmaya International Foundation’s Bhagavad Gita Course