Zombie Nation — Part 2

July 23, 2018

Sowmya Gopal
Nov 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, incessantly and independently Joyous!

On Jan 12, 2018 i completed 10 years of serving Sanatana Dharma. On Jan 13, 2018 i commenced a 5 year plan of serving Sanatana Dharma — to create 10 professional Workshops (utilizing books, videos, retreats, etc.) focussed on integrating the sacred into the secular. The wind has been at my back…
This period plans are to share Sanatana Dharma through Workshops on:
Face Everything And Rise
Making Sense of Stress
Minute to Mind Management
The Happiness Experience
Wellness Through Work

Sanatana Dharma as a noun is our Infinite Nature. Sanatana Dharma as a verb is our unchanging responsibility. Our unchanging responsibility is to be our Infinite Nature.

Doing anything else, becoming anything else is being alive yet not living. Sound scary? Continue to walk with me to walk with Shri Tulasidas as He describes the lost, found in our E-Vichara

E-Vichara (July 23, 2018) — — Zombie Nation — Part 2

  • The most interesting subject/experience is Peace, all other subjects/experiences being most disinteresting — living for pleasure, possession and position will never complete us hence our perpetual distraction, irritation, exhaustion
  • The disrespected are alive yet not living — living selfishly repels people, repels opportunities leaving one nowhere, leaving one to being a zombie
  • The aged are alive yet not living — identifying with weakening limbs, weakening organs one begins to think and talk like a liability, the same as being a zombie
  • The sickly are alive yet not living — failing to internalize a purpose bigger than the body, every change in the body steals one’s energy/enthusiasm depleting one to being a zombie
  • The angry are alive yet not living — losing thoughts to unmet expectations, to imperfect circumstances, one loses their humaneness thus being a zombie
  • The doubting are alive yet not living — disbelieving in a Creator one feels separate from creation, a feeling encouraging hostility, encouraging being a zombie

We will continue analyzing the 14 types of zombies in the next 1 E-Vichara

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Better is, “Life is like a game!” Please enjoy the following insights into this perspective — — Vedanta Unplugged

Laughing Adventure of the Week (LAW): Asked to write a composition on “What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving?”, Vijay wrote “I am thankful that I am not a turkey.”

Satsanga Adventure of the Week (SAW):

Series — Are you ready for…THE HAPPINESS SERIES II? Join us from Mon Dec 3 — Thu Dec 6 from 07.00p-08.30p EST for a unique, interactive, virtual workshop focussing on the universal and practical challenges of: transcending loneliness, time management, internalizing inspiration, conflict resolution, etc. Do you think we can bring together 500 seekers of all ages, all backgrounds, etc. for self development? Please save the dates and spread the word — — The Happiness Series II for All!

Sentiments — With the past posting of the E-Vichara on Chinmaya International Foundation’s Discussion Forum, we have now crossed 300,000 views! This is over 10,000 reads for every sharing just on this forum!!! Gratitude gratitude gratitude for your unfathomable support — — Discussion Forum

Support — i apologize for not being able to keep up with writing the E-Vichara. Though i am still behind 3 months, this Dipavali celebrates the completion of 9 years of E-Vichara-s! 9 years of reflecting together!! 9 years of realizing together!!!

In Vedantik tradition teachings are given freely. No price can be tagged to the guidance a Teacher offers to seekers to live more purposefully, to kids to try their best, to leaders with material for their classes, offices, etc. Still, filled with gratitude and fulfillment a student seeks to give back.

On June 22, 2009 the 1st E-Vichara was sent to 90 seekers. On November 7, 2018 the 327th E-Vichara will be sent to 4,260 seekers (not including Groups, Forums, etc.). If the subscribers, readers, students of the E-Vichara invest one hour in understanding/appreciating these diverse insights on Life and living, they are engaged in a Course on self-development…

If you feel this Course is worth $0.10 per lesson or $0.50 per lesson or $1.00 per lesson, please donate accordingly.

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CanadaHelps — — Chinmaya Mission Niagara

Check (please make out and mail to the following address)
Chinmaya Mission
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Sadly, funds make the world go round. How? Your generosity will help me actualize my 1 year / 5 year / 10 year plan of serving Sanatana Dharma.

“Live and then speak. Mere prattling will not help either the speaker or the listener.” ~ Swami Chinmayananda

(each of the below links are forums for further reflection)
Vichara Gurukula
Chinmaya Mission Niagara
Chinmaya Mission London
Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh
Chinmaya Mission Cleveland
Chinmaya Yuva Kendra West
Chinmaya International Foundation

Vichara Gurukula

This community platform provides an opportunity for Seekers within Chinmaya Mission to read, reflect, and contemplate, on their journey of Self Development.

Sowmya Gopal

Written by

Vichara Gurukula

This community platform provides an opportunity for Seekers within Chinmaya Mission to read, reflect, and contemplate, on their journey of Self Development.

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