Thank Heaven Children’s Boutique

Case Study

Victor De La Cruz
Jan 5, 2018 · 5 min read

UX Team: Emily DeWan, Katy Wyman, myself | Duration: 3 Weeks | Project Status: Ongoing

My Role: UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Manager

Project Overview

Thank Heaven is a children’s boutique located in Forest Hills, Queens, founded, and owned, and operated by Ariena Thomsen. The store has been in the community for thirteen years, and has never had a formal web presence.

Scope of Work

Our team — Katy Wyman, Victor De La Cruz, and Emily DeWan — was tasked with creating a brand new website for Thank Heaven. We conducted research to learn about customers, buying patterns of current and potential customers, analyzed the competitive market. We created mid- and high-fidelity wireframes for a responsive web design, and tested prototypes of the desktop and mobile, and iterated on. We collaborated with the development team with the handoff.


3 to 4 weeks

Limitations, Parameters, Resources, and Materials

We relied on awareness of our client’s stories of the community and how Thank Heaven was conceived. We paid a visit to the physical store which has a small foot traffic. The online presence has been Yelp reviews, a Facebook Page, and an Instagram. In addition, we relied on the help of her neighboring friends and daughter to help with sharing our survey on Facebook. The e-commerce presence is non-existent.




Screen Survey



User Interviews


Interview Questions Included:


Long Survey



Problem Statement

Thank Heaven is a store that prides itself on high-quality items made by ethical and outstanding brands. As the neighborhood has changed over the years with other small stores leaving, fewer people are out shopping, resulting in a drop in sales. Consumers love to support the community by shopping at local stores, but they also value the convenience of online shopping.

How might we create an easy way to shop for top-quality children’s products locally?

Persona of shop owner and of customer


Design Studio: Sketching + Concepting

Mid-fidelity Wireframes
High-fidelity Wireframes

Usability Tests and Resulting Iterations

We conducted 2 rounds of usability testing.

Round 1 of testing was with the mid-fidelity prototype

Round 2 of testing was with the high-fidelity prototype




Next steps



Victor De La Cruz

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Hi there! I’m a New York based UX Designer, passionate about cross-functional collaboration and all product design. UXDI Graduate and working for@GA @GA_NYC

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