If more projects adopt our token sale model it will save investors millions (1milperday.com)

Vid are selling 1 million tokens per day for 5 years, as insane and excessive as that may initially seem, it’s actually quite the opposite.

The Vid team have been vocally against the excessive fund raises of the past and the issues that they cause. In fact, we have written an article about it here:


Having analyzed the mistakes of the past, we are proposing a new method for projects to raise capital, that keeps teams answerable to investors and incentives aligned.

When projects front-load their token sale and sell the majority of their tokens in a quick fundraise it de-aligns incentives. The project then has no motivation to ensure their token stays at the price they sold it at, or increases in value. In this case it is ultimately the investors that suffer the consequences.

Vid’s token sale method can be hugely beneficial to both the project and investors:

· Closely models a typical equity VC round, early investors get in at a lower price. Less capital given to project upfront (seed), as project delivers on milestones more capital is given to the project and later investors pay a higher price (Series A etc).

· Project has a vested interest in ensuring the token price increases, this aligns interests between investors and the project.

· Keeps project teams honest and ensures roadmap milestones are hit.

Please stop giving project teams so much money upfront! It’s ruining the industry and slowing progress. More has been built and achieved in the winter than during the bull run, because teams had to build to survive. This is how things should be..

The Vid team are proposing a token sale model that makes more sense and is in line with Venture capital funding. We hope others follow suit.