A guide to VIDDO account types II

In Part II, we’ll investigate the reasons for purchasing a ProAccount, who it makes sense for, and why you don’t want to wait too long to make a decision.

(In Part I, we talked about the differences between Basic and ProAccounts, and went over registration and how to schedule monthly fiat cashouts with a ProAccount.)

Meet Phil

Here’s a little story about a guy named Phil.

Phil is a rising star in the world of music mashups. He’s got a small but dedicated follower base of 3,000 enthusiastic fans who watch, repost and distribute his content in their own collections, or embed them on their websites.

At first, Phil had a Basic account.

He used the Points he received from views of his videos to watch indie films, documentaries and music videos. After a few months, he really began to rake in the Points.

Although he loves watching movies, he now wanted to use his Points to help support his channel financially.

He headed over to viddotoken.com, and started scoping out the price.

He watched the price for a while — it fluctuates depending on how high the demand is. He purchased a VDT for that day’s asking price of USD 90.

Phil quickly exchanged his VDT for a license and registered a ProAccount. Then he set up his bank account and he was all set to start exchanging Points to dollars to cover his production costs and time!

The best way to go Pro

Now that Phil has a ProAccount he’s ready to start making real money — yay! But here’s how he could have saved some of it to begin with:

As you now know, you need a VDT in order to license a ProAccount. There is a limited number of 100M VDT (and thus only 100M ProAccounts that can be registered, ever), and two places that you will be able to purchase VDT in the near future.

During VIDDO’s ICO, we will release the first 39M VDT at a price of USD 0.15–0.50

(depending on which round you purchase your VDT in).

After the Public Sale, VDT will be sold on viddotoken.com for a price that’s regulated by supply and demand.As demand for ProAccounts increases, so will the price — going up from USD 0.30, to whatever the going rate is on a given day.

Who should purchase VDT?

With an upper limit of 100M VDT, ProAccounts will be registered at the best price very fast.

Content creators like Phil, interested in creating a profit from their original work obviously win with a ProAccount.

But the best part of VIDDO is that everyone — not just content creators — can profit on the platform.

Here’s just a short list of VIDDO members that can benefit from going Pro, to get your synapses firing: Curators, influencers and micro-influencers with channels that are highly viewed by their follower bases, media agencies with a roster of creators publishing high volumes of content, and ad agencies that want to publish ad content.

Even if you’re not a creator, it’s not hard to see how purchasing VDT is an investment.

As ProAccounts become more scarce and demand grows, your token’s value will grow. When the price is right you can sell it easily and legally on viddotoken.com.

It’s time to wet your whistle!

Visit viddo.io to get your VDT now!

Try out our DEMO here, and see what’s in store for you beginning in Q4 2018. Stay tuned, and follow us here and on social media for regular updates!

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