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I’m Pushing Video Interviewing to Its Absolute Limit

10 alternative uses to screening and hiring

There are two parts to being a manager in an hiring campaign. The first is that I want to have a sick time. The second is that I have no time. Meeting candidates, reviewing and assessing results, funneling notes and aligning with teams, a recruiter, and so on, ultimately translates into staying later at the office. So, it’s all kind of great, but irritating at the same time.

There is a silver lining: Although I need to review several candidates a day, the world provides a variety of video platforms, such as one I’ve helped create called (drum roll 🥁) Video Interview that you can insert into your hiring pipeline to interview and screen candidates. This has been a solution to my time problem. See, a video interviewing platform allows one to review candidates on their own time, create interviews and manage, view, and evaluate candidates. Which gives the hiring team more flexibility to stockpile a goldmine of qualified candidates.

But why limit video interviewing to screening and hiring when it can do more?

I’m the type of person who has always loved experimenting with tech in different ways, so if there’s anyone who can solve all their problems by exploiting something new, it’s probably me. So I thought I’d push the video interviewing tool to its limit and consider 10 creative alternative uses to screening and hiring:

A few members of our VI team, R to L: Ken, Junji and Salah.

1. HR Leaders: Create more personal, human surveys.

Need to query your staff to submit ideas but not receiving the response rate you once had? Use Video Interview to record the questions and send out a link to your staff to submit their video responses. A video can go a long way in both communicating your empathy and establishing trust. Reading not only what is said but how it is said, such as facial expressions or body language, can provide a better perspective.

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2. Company Leaders: “Open Desk” weekly video update.

If you already interface with your staff with a weekly video “open desk” why not do it with video interview? Remote staff might not be within the right time zone to align with a live meeting. A recorded weekly video has the benefit of being available 24/7 where staff can review on their own time. An added benefit is your staff submitting comments or questions offline at their own pace.

A few books from our office mini-library.

3. Educators: Create asynchronous assignments / assessments

Set up individual problems or entire courses where students can send in assignments asynchronously for assessment. As distance learning courses and massive open online courses are on the rise, video interview platform would be perfect for just about any assignment. Collect all of your submissions and let video interview organize them.

4. Brand Leaders: Activation feedback

Brands used to control the message, but not anymore. In an era of eroding consumer loyalty, if brands fail to actively listen to their customers, they risk permanent loss. Use video interview as a platform to collect more human, personal responses from your consumers — an open line to connect and receive comments and feedback from the community regarding your activities.

This is a view of our office from my desk. Several teams work remote.

5. Researchers: Save time and money

All the time and money researchers have previously needed to gather qualitative data: meeting subjects, in person interviews, transportation and logistics — could all be significantly reduced with video interview. Interviewing candidates, setting up focus groups, analyzing observations, ethnography or action research is a snap to organize.

6. Health Care Professionals: Recurrent patient check-ins or referral

Need to check in with a patient regularly or screen for health assessment? Ask questions about how they are feeling, respond more efficiently and effectively, all in your — and their own time. Video as a medium provides much more information to help caregivers assess what patients need most.

7. Content Creators: Contests

Want to create a contest? Video Interview could be a viable option. Set up the question and have your followers send in their responses.

Spoon meet Fork.

8. Singles: Create your own profile

Everyone has a soul mate — at least that’s what fairytales would have us believe. Modern science, however, gives us far more than just one potential partner. Tip the dating game odds in your favor and side-step all the dating services by creating an video introducing yourself. Share a link to it exclusively with the people that you’re interested in, anytime. Then collect potential matches and get closer.

9. Community Leaders: Connect with personal messages

Want to help your constituents in more sympathetic ways? (I know, I know..) But seriously, while email newsletters and messages are effective they can come across as abstract and impersonal. Prepare a more intimate message by easily connecting via video interview. More effectively create messages and collect personal responses to the issues at hand.


10. Barterers / Exchange: Show and tell

Have something that you want to sell, trade or exchange? Use video interview to capture these items and post a link to potential consumers. Slap it on the platform of your choice. Connect with new buyers and sellers. Everything from a box of food (community supported agriculture) to any objects for trade. Accept responses and offers. You choose. ✂️

How do you use Video Interviewing?

Have a use case you’d like to share? Drop a line, I’d like to hear from you: