The Great Forest National Park — Assignment 2

Environmentalists gather on September 7th to confront the government about forest logging.
Jane McNaughton reports.

Filmed on Cannon DSLR with Rode microphone.

0–0.06 B-Roll
 (protestors gathering, dancing animals, ‘stop logging our homes’ sign)
 VO: Protestors rally to save Victoria’s national emblem. The Leadbeaters Possum, from logging that is destroying their habitat.

0.06–0.21 PTC
 Reporter: I’m here at Treasury Gardens on National Threatened species day. And gathering behind me are activists, politicians, and citizen scientists. Who are calling on the state government to take ethical and financial responsibility for Victoria’s Forests. And the threatened species within them.

0.21–0.34 B-roll
 (signing petition, Rice & Dunn addressing crown in front of sign, crowd applauding)
 The rally is calling for the creation of the Great Forest National Park.
 This park would almost triple the existing 170,000 hectares of parks and protected forest in the Central Highlands of Victoria.

0.34–0.43 #SOT1 Janet Rice
 We’ve got a situation where we need to get all logging out of native forests and protect the lives of these precious animals. They are part of Australia’s heritage.

0.43–0.58 B-roll
 (Ed Hill — invoice announced, stop logging sign, Treasury House, presentation of invoice)
 An invoice will be presented to Premier Daniel Andrews and the State Treasurer in parliament next week. 2-million-dollars is the estimated payment for the volunteer work that citizen scientists do in Victoria’s Forests protecting native fauna.

0.58–1.11 #SOT2 Samantha Dunn
 Daniel Andrews you need to take action. You need to stop logging our native forests. You need to come up with a transition plan for those workers to move to plantation timber. You need to create the Great Forest National Park.

1.11–1.26 B-roll
 (Great Forest National Park, protestors, stand in protest)
 The park would ensure that the Leadbeaters Possum and other native animals get to keep their homes. The park is projected to promote tourism and improve Melbourne’s water catchments.

Jane McNaughton. The Citizen. Treasury Gardens.

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