Yet More Burkini News

The shots above might look eerily familiar. And that’s because they are. Have a look at what ABC’s 7.30 did to the video that we were working with in class and see how they used b-roll to perk up the video. Below is another ABC piece to peruse. Almost all the footage was shot at one location, so it’s a good example to prepare for your next assignment.

We’ll also have ABC’s Madeleine Morris joining us on September 14, so I’ll start posting some of her pieces to watch. Start with this one.

As for voiceovers, record them using lapel mikes and whatever you shot your story on, and then follow these instructions to add them into your package. If you are having difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or Elyas. Please make sure you have a rough draft of your Activism piece before next week’s class.

One final point: the title sequences for the 3010 assignment should now be in LMS under User Guides, DIY Links and Other Resources, marked Video Content for the Citizen. There are also instructions for use. Once you’ve spoken to me about what needs tweaking, please use the title and end sequences as instructed.

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